5 Ways To Boost The Performance And Efficiency Of Your Android Smartphone

The Android Smartphone is not just any other calling device. It is a device with a powerful Operating System that allows you to use you phone to send emails, watch videos, surf on the web as well as listen to music and even work wherever you are. Like any other Operating System, the Android Smartphone can sag sometimes. It can operate slowly when you need it to be fast but no need to worry there are several steps you can take to make your Android Smartphone perform faster and more efficiently.


Here are 5 ways to boost the performance and efficiency of your Android Smartphone.


  • Limit background processes

You can do this by limiting the applications in the background. The Android Smartphone has the ability to carry out many tasks at the same time but there is no need to have applications running in the background if you do not need them. You can close these applications by using the free Advanced Task Killer application. This application allows you to choose the applications you would like to shutdown. Closing these applications allows your Smartphone to operate much faster as it has fewer operations to carry out.


There are services that are by default included in the Android Smartphone. Google offers services like Gmail, Books and Google+. If you do not use these services, it is better to turn them off. The process is as simple as opening the Settings app and deleting the Google services you do not need.


  • Stop background data download

Social sites like Facebook and Twitter update themselves and so there is constant data being downloaded. This data is always being downloaded in the background and it easily slows down your Smartphone preventing it from working efficiently and fast. There is an easy way to stop this data from being downloaded. When you open the Settings application, choose Data Manager and then De-select the Background Data. You will have saved your battery life and increased the performance of your Android Smartphone.



  • Update your apps

The Android Smartphone is the kind of phone you need to update for it to work faster. You can and should update your phone applications in the Android Market. This is a simple step that will not take long. You start by launching the Android Market on your Smartphone then after selecting the Menu Button click on My Apps and then update your apps as necessary.


  • Defragment your memory

The Smartphone uses an Operating System to work and hence you need to defragment the phones internal Random Access Memory to make it perform faster. To defragment you Smartphone you can use an app known as Memory Booster found in the Android Market. This application has the added advantage of being able to repair damaged apps that have leaking data. You can set this app to send you a notification when adjustments to your Smartphone�s memory are done. You can use this app to boost the performance of your Smartphone. It is as easy as launching the app, selecting the Menu Button and finally choosing Boost option.


  • �Install an anti-virus

Like a computer, the Android Operating System requires an anti-virus to protect it from an attack. Viruses and malware attacks can slow down the performance of your phone and make it lag. However, the anti-virus apps for the phone are far much more complicate than those used in a computer. They do more than scan for viruses you can even determine which apps have access to the internet by building a firewall.


Everyone wants an Android Smartphone that performs efficiently and fast. So make your Smartphone more efficient, limit your background processes, and stop background data download, update your apps every now and then, defragment your memory and install an anti-virus.

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