5 Winning Advantages Of Using Touch Screen Technology

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Computer technology has evolved exponentially in the last few decades from the huge computers that had to be housed in a whole room with massive ventilation systems to a small hand held object that fits in your pocket with ease. Now since people have made great advances in manufacturing and great access to computers and other computer related devices the world over, concerns are moving towards ergonomics.

Long gone are the days where one had to go through specialized classes to be able to use a computer and the interfaces provided today enable a child and even an illiterate to use a computer device with ease and comfort.

The touch screen coupled with the interactive graphical user interface is perhaps one of the greatest achievements in the development of computer ergonomics. They have not only enabled the access of services to computer illiterate people but are also opening up the world of disabled persons. The incorporation of the touch screen to other devices is also causing a revolution in other industries such as marketing, media, communication, transport and entertainment giving business owners a higher ROI.


Eric jamming on the dataAccessibility of information

The touch screen is very easy to use allowing even a complete novice to use with much ease. The interactivity of the display makes it less intimidating for users who have no idea on how to use it. Within a few minutes off tapping at the screen, they get their information readily feeling proud at their expertise to do so.

Having the touch screen coupled with other devices provides valuable information centers in museums, trade shows, information desks and tourist destination centers. The ability to store vast amounts of data be they documents, photos and videos allows for users to access information not only by the quantity but also of improved quality.

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Enables consumer self-service

Technological changes in all industrial sectors are moving towards enabling users to perform all duties on their own with limited assistance. Self-service machines such as interactive kiosks enable users to access any services round the clock. It makes areas such as transport stations literally run on their own increasing the effectiveness of operations.

It reduces the chances of human error increasing efficiency and speed in the execution of activities. Users are also able to execute operations and see their results in real time enhancing the experience of the user. Touch screens are intuitive and multilingual enabling the user to be served without any technological or communization barriers.

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Reduce difficulty for disabled persons

The touch screen combines the computer units of both input and display enabling a better experience for persons with disabilities. An individual who may have complications such as arthritis is in a better position to use a computer or any other device given the reduced stress of typing with all fingers to tapping with one finger and gaining even more information.

Enhanced with other supportive devices, the touch screen literally makes it possible for everyone to use machines without difficulty or causing harm to themselves. Their user friendliness gives every user satisfaction.


 Eliminates staff training

The use of touch screen devices enables self-service and eliminates labor costs, as well as the need to train hundreds of personnel to work for long hours. Take the example of a touch screen device that prints out tickets at the airport. No longer does one have to employ workers to perform the redundant task of checking details and giving out air tickets.

Since the computer has all the information in its database, verifying the information and providing the necessary output is a process that is achieved in a matter of seconds. This technology increases the security and efficiency of such critical high traffic areas, and this translates to improved profit margins due to the increase in efficiency and reduction of production costs.

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Saves on a lot of workspace

The integration of the two main components of a computer; the display and the system unit allows for portability saving on a lot of workspace. The now free space can be used for other activities or simply allow for more user flexibility and movement. Businesses can utilize minimal office spaces without compromising on their output.

The touch screen greatly improves human computer interaction. It is utilized in many devices available in almost all industries and further innovations in this sector will mark great milestones in the technological field.

The above guest post is written by tech blogger William Smith who shares technology news and tips through guest posting. He recommends using kiosks from Neo Products, world class manufactures of self service and business kiosks.

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