Android Phones Provide Great Experiences to both Users and Developers

Any person without a smartphone is considered almost like a handicap these days. Android OS powered smartphones offer a great opportunity for the users to maximize the usefulness of fully loaded smartphones. Unlike the Apple devices, they are reasonably priced, and when it comes to providing free apps, they are way ahead of iPhones.


Android powered cell phones are compatible with innumerable apps that can be used for various purposes. You will enjoy accessing high speed internet, chatting with your friends, and carrying out other important business work from your smartphones.


With your Android smartphone, you can simply visit their marketplace and browse for latest, popular, and hottest apps. You could check out the reviews and ratings and then decide if you want to download them or not. They are rated according to the numbers of downloads and user reviews. The ratings of apps get downgraded if they are uninstalled by many users.


Android games – why are they so popular?

Well, who doesn’t like getting free games on their portable devices?


Almost all the users are addicted to games like Angry Birds. While playing such games, you never feel like exiting from the game without completing the next round, and that goes on and on. You could also try other interesting games like Fruit Ninja, Army Sniper, Death Racing, Lane Splitter, and many other such games. These games are free for download, and you can install them and use them without any problems whatsoever.



Also there are paid games where you are allowed to download and play the lite versions for free. If you like them, then you could go ahead and make a purchase. Android apps are not very expensive, and most of them fall within the range of 1 to 3 dollars.


When you visit the android marketplace, you will be simply overwhelmed with the amount of apps that you get for free download. Don’t get carried away too much after seeing so many apps. Your mobile phone will have certain processing capacity, and ideally you should not push it beyond a certain stage. Download few apps at a time, and see if your phone has slowed down. If it has, then you might have to uninstall the least desirable apps. These days, phone manufacturers like Samsung have been producing phones with the dual core processors. Such smartphones will allow for more apps.


Apps marketing:

Obviously, the apps that are created for the mobile phones are better marketed on them itself. Since most of the smartphones are used to access the internet through Wi-Fi or GPRS, they have become one of the fast growing platforms for online marketing.


Android offers an excellent platform for the game developers. However, the success of developers would depend on more and more downloads from users. Here are some tips for marketing their apps at the Android marketplace. Firstly, the name that it chose for your app should be interestingly unique. Make sure that it is not to lengthy, since it would only end up confusing the users.


You will then need to conduct keyword research, in order to identify the keywords using which you could market your apps more effectively. Never forget that the users who will be viewing your ads will be accessing them from their small screens. Therefore, your ads should be monetized to perfectly fit the small screens.


When submitting your app at the marketplace, you will be asked to write the description of about 140 words. Here, you will need to use the keywords smartly without overdoing it too much. You could also take services from a professional SEO company, provided that they have the experience in mobile marketing.


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