Understanding The Usage of Botox in the Improvement of Facial Aesthetics

Nobody wants to age; everybody wants to maintain their youth especially with regards to their facial aspect. Hence, with the upgrade of technology, the medical aspect also brought about changes by injecting technology to the medical world. One medical technology that offered great effects to persons with regards to maintenance of their youthful appearance is the usage of facial aesthetics. Under facial aesthetics, comprise a variety of methods that can give you minimally or non invasive procedures which gives you the youthful result that you wanted. One facial aesthetic used is Botox.

Botox dermal fillers

What is Botox?

Botox is a fused medical word which actually stands for botulinum toxin A. It is actually a bacterium that produces protein. This bacterium is called as clostridium botulinum. Aside from facial aesthetics, the Botox can also be used medically for underarm sweating as well as the control of the spasm of the muscles which is linked to other medical condition.

Results of Botox when used as a Facial Aesthetics

Botox, when used aesthetically in the facial aspect, can get rid of the wrinkles in persons as well as frown lines. Wrinkles are actually a ridges, crease of fold located in ones skin and appears as a result of the process of aging. In addition to that it is brought about by the damaging effects of the sun to one’s skin which brings about wrinkling of the skin. Botox is being used via injectables which are injected to the person’s muscles in the area where it can block the impulses of the nerves to tissues. It will then result to the reduction of frowning lines, and facial smoothness which is a good facial aesthetic effects that everybody wants to have. These positive effects nearly last for 6 months approximately.

Facial aesthetical Side Effects of Botox when applied

When used properly, Botox is an effective and safe treatment in the cosmetic arena or in the facial aesthetic area. There are still minor side effects that can be expected when one used Botox for facial asthetical reasons. The following are the common expected side effects of Botox:

  • Drooping of the eyelids

This is often the complication associated when using Botox in the facial aesthetic area. This is brought about by the dropping of the eyelids making the eyelid feel heavy than it normally was. When this happens you immediately call the health care practitioner to ask for medical assistance.

  • Frozen forehead periods

This is the second common side effect when using Botox. It is when the face of the person does not make any movement which may let you compare it to a robot kind of feeling. This can be prevented by adjustments of the dosages of the Botox given to the patient.  

  • Heavy feeling

This is a side effect brought about by the over placing of Botox in one’s forehead, anatomically the frontalis muscles which is known to raise one’s eyebrows. This happens when there is too much Botox injected in the forehead which leads to the over relaxation of the forehead leading to the person experiencing a heavy feeling. This can be solved by adjusting the dosage of the Botox given.

So, when planning to have Botox treatment, make sure that the health care professional has experienced and an expert in injecting Botox to one person so as to prevent side effects as much as possible. Here is the feed link http://www.smileessential.co.uk/blog/category/practice-news/feed/ to find out more similar articles.

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