Build Customized Article Directory Using WordPress.

Article Directory is one of the best source of Search Engine Optimization. If you have planned to build an article directory and need an open source for it’s customization then WordPress Article Directory could be your best choice. It is cheap and available with full license with all it’s CSS and source code to install it in an Open Source WordPress Application.

You can build Article Website in minutes using this Article Directory theme customized for WordPress Application.

You can buy this Article Directory WordPress Theme from – TEMPLATIC

Create and Manage a mini social media site using WordPress.
This theme will help you to create a mini social media site, which enables its user to submit articles and anyone can vote on those articles.

PlusOne Article Directory Theme Features:

Out of the box – Auto Install

Gone are the days when you had to setup every section of the site step by step in WordPress. With this theme, you simply activate the theme and voila, you can start adding news, description, images, widgets, blog posts, pages and every element is set out of the box. The theme adds these dummy element for you so you can easily locate them and edit as per your wish (or delete everything with single click if you wish).

Strategic design of the homepage

The homepage of the theme is customizable via dynamic widgets which are built specially for this theme. Designed strategically, the structure of the page is done in such a way that gives maximum exposure to essential elements.

The Plus One button

Your visitors can vote for articles which they like. Now create the hype and let everyone plus one your article. Afterwards they can also minus one, incase they change their mind.

Submit articles

Your visitors can register on the site and then submit articles. They can submit the article and can even upload an image. You can even change the status of those submitted articles to automatically publish or set to draft.

Design Settings

Design settings are integrated in this theme. Now you can control various elements of the theme through Design panel. Change font color, link color, body background color, and many more settings, without even touching the code

Detail Page

In detail page we have focused on typography. Users can vote from detail page also. Your post can even go viral with the help of various sharing options beneath each post. You don’t need to add any social media plugin, as its all included here

Integrated Shortcodes

You can use 30 different shortcodes, anywhere. The beauty of shortcodes is that they can be used anywhere. They are built in, if you want to use then just type in that particular code and voila, your job is done !


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