Easy 7 ways to keep your Boss Happy


We all have a boss around us and if you are the lucky one without it, means you have your own business running. Voila thats not the case with most of us, we have different she devils or say yelling he boss. We need to find some ways to make ourself more polished and loving so people and other authorities in our office environment start noticing it. Lets get started to keep boss happy at work

1. Do your best, try and work together


Of course, no matter what you do, some bosses will be horrible. If you’re in that situation, remember things can change and its up to you. Make sure that you are not the root cause of the problem or the problem itself. Work in a team, say the “we” word then “I”, be competent and a team player. If you can make working with others bearable specially your subordinates, consider it a win.

2. Always look busy – master this art


Let’s be honest: sometimes the best way to get ahead is to be just a tiny bit evil. And in this case, that means mastering the art of looking busy even when you aren’t. If you are working on your desk, try and open as many tabs as possible on your browser . Few of them covering latest news, stock market, blogs, how to articles. If people chatter next to you, hold the receiver of your telephone and pretend if you are talking to someone very important. If things work this way, i do not mean you should follow this art always but yes than, you can deliver ahead of schedule occasionally, you’ll even come out looking good.

3. Make yourself indispensable

 I am the beste

You may have heard this many times and it is true. If the office can’t function without you, then you’re in a much better position to get bigger raises, promotions, and avoid layoffs. So if you aren’t indispensable yet, start working toward it : work on high-visibility projects, and if you can, gain some skills that separate you from the crowd-and help projects run more smoothly.

4. Keep things and others updated


All it means is that you communicate regularly so you’re both on the same page, which is particularly useful with busy or uncommunicative bosses. Always make a work report and send it to your boss before you leave the office. Mention the things which might need attention and always be transparent in your work. Keep people in your loop by sending them emails in CC and BCC, also keep a read receipt handy.

5. Command Respect


It is said that “Respect is always commanded not demanded”. You may think the key to a loving boss is sucking up or being a pushover. In some cases, that may work, but the best way is command real respect . That means putting out solid work, avoiding office politics and gossip, and being able to accept criticism when it’s given.

6. Make yourself like at work


Be a polite and caring person in your workplace, as far as possible avoid office politics to get involved. Make people understand you better. Always be optimistic and affirmative in doing the work given to you. Avoid using negative language, dress up nicely and do not procrastinate. Speak to your co-workers and make them your pals, tell them to work in a team and have a good moral.

7. Fix your problems before other rectify it


We all know that we are not perfect, and probably the boss understands that since we all are human and as the saying goes “To err is human and to forgive is divine” but as of now do not dream of getting forgiven by others, rather see what goes crappy in you in a given day. Best thing is to be self reviewed or to keep an informal work diary. With honesty (and a little bit of luck), you should have a good idea of what problems you need to squash before your boss even comes to you about them.