Role of ERP Software in Schools


Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software is a business management application, often a suite of integrated applications that companies use to gather, store as well as manage and analyze data streams which are often the result of business activities.

One such example is the ERP for school by Edcited. The system is an invaluable data management tool.

Systems like this often cover the following functions: product development is one, along with service time and sales and marketing. Inventory management and shipping and payment are also included.

  • Improves operating efficiency

With an ERP software in place to ensure that core business processes are initiated and run without any problems, ERP allows the school to focus on other equally important tasks. Members of the teaching staff have more time and more energy to devote attention on their students and less on computing grades or inputting data into an outdated system.

In addition, a single system with the same login information can reduce the time it takes for teachers to work through several systems, which might have been the case with an outdated system. A system like that is easier and faster to use and can often account for higher job satisfaction levels at the workplace.

Students, on the other hand, are well able to enroll or check on their classes online or on their phones, since the ERP software ensures compatibility with modern technologies and systems, be it for mobile or web. They might also be able to view their class standing, which could help them track and monitor their performance.

Also, because the system is already integrated, there would be less need for support calls since a single system is easier to learn. That means fewer tools for teachers and students to learn by heart as well as less time and effort spent on training—again, freeing up valuable time for teachers and students alike.

  • Serves as support for management

Since an ERP software gives vital information on systems, it provides a school’s top management with the kind of data necessary for efficient and swift decision-making.

  • Allows for greater data security

Safe, cloud-based storage is one of the many assets of an ERP software from Edcited. There’s less risk that key information would be accessed or exposed. Student grades and teaching materials are safe in the cloud.

And since information is kept in cloud-based storage, this also makes it easier for students and teaching staff to retrieve a file, a report or assignment, anywhere they are. This is especially helpful if they happen to have no access to the physical files at that moment. It’s having an entire library within easy reach and access.

Also, there’s no need to spend money on printing out assignments. Now, sending a report or the draft of a thesis proposal doesn’t have to entail printing entire rims of paper. All that’s needed is for students to send their submissions electronically, through the system and these will go straight to the teacher.

Also, since electronic submissions are recorded, no more lost assignments or teachers losing track of one or two of their students’ work. Everything is there and accounted for, in one place. It’s organized, simple and easy to use.

  • Fosters a collaborative environment

Built and designed to work seamlessly with web-based apps and solutions, a modern ERP software provides users with the full range of compatible features and functions, allowing access to many channels and devices.

The project management component of an ERP software is a great communication tool that makes it possible for students, teachers or any of the teaching staff to discuss concerns and problems. It’s also a convenient, simple and efficient way of updating one another, so that questions can often be answered in real time and problems resolved right away.

  • Enhances flexibility of data structure

ERP software allows a school’s data structure to adjust to changes. This makes the company more flexible so communication and processes don’t grind to a halt when one area or component is down. A system this flexible ensures that the other business core functions run smooth and easy, until the compromised component has been fixed.

These are just a few of the benefits that an ERP software offers. The one main advantage of ERP software, though, is the sheer and absolute convenience that an integrated system brings. With a running and fully-functional integrated system, there’s now an easy way to eliminate redundant or laborious data entry activities from the system.

A system that ensures seamless compatibility with current technologies empowers its teachers, staff and students, which could lead to greater outcomes in the classroom. With an ERP software, teachers and students can do more with less. That’s the kind of goal, as well as the level of convenience and quality of service provided to students and the teaching community, that every school should aspire to.