Tips on How to Make Polished Concrete

One may not be thinking about concrete, with some of its industrial qualities to be an elegant option for the kitchen tops. However, when concrete happens to be treated and then polished it can be used for very many decoration purposes. If you want to be conversant with the various tips that can greatly assist you on how to make polished concrete, then this write up is for you.

Concrete that is polished is typically made of acrylic, cement, aggregates and fillers. Once it’s made it is normally cured and then sanded down in order for it to become solid and tough. In order to increase its durability, it is usually sealed using epoxy sealant. This makes it to become durable and thus can stay resistance to heat or any other regular wear and tear. Let us now have a look at some of the easy steps that can assist you make this type of concrete by yourself hustle free.

Tips on How to Make Polished Concrete

The following are some of the most essential and effective tips that can assist you in making this type of concrete.

They include:

Tip#1: Spraying the Cement Board

Take the cement board and spray it in order to dampen it slightly. Carefully mix the concrete in accordance with the directions offered in the package. Pour it slowly into the mold.

Tip#2:Compressing the Wet Concrete

Drag a board on top of the mold. As you drag, ensure that you jiggle this board back and then forth slightly. This will assist in compressing the wet concrete.

Tip#3: Placing the Inlays on the Mixture’s Surface

Place inlays on surface of the mixed concrete before it dries. Note that mother-of-pearl bits, glass pieces or even the attractive gravels can assist in making good inlays.

Tip#4:Shaping and Smoothing the Edges

A putty knife is normally used in shaping and smoothing edges of the tiles.

Tip#5:Holding in Moisture

Take a polyurethane sheet and place it over the mold in order to hold moisture. After this, leave the concrete in form of a dry, warm spot for approximately three days. In order to keep it damp, try to always mist the surface.

Tip#6: Polishing the Concrete

After three days the concrete will be ready to be polished. Using dry or wet diamond pads or sandpaper, sand the concrete. It is ideal that while sanding your concrete, you either use a conventional hand-sander or an electric hand-sander in order to get goof results.

Tip#7:Wiping the Tile

Using a damp sponge, occasionally ensure that you wipe your tiles in order to eradicate the slurry that may have been resulted by the sanding. Wiping can also assist in keeping this concrete slightly damp. Make sure that you switch to 220 grit abrasive and then repeat. Finish the entire process by sanding again using a 400 grit abrasive.
Let your concrete dry for some months and then brush on concrete sealer until it dries completely.

Last but not the least; it is my sincere hope that you will adhere to this article the next time you will want to make a concrete that is polished by yourself.