Got a Date in Delhi? Here are a Couple of Option You Should Consider in Delhi


It is well known that finding the girl of your dream is tough. But let’s assume that you somehow managed to find The Cinderella and she agrees to go out with you. I bet half of the guys weren’t sure that things might go so far and now are nervous because they don’t know where to take her on first date. (Admit it you are one of them, otherwise you won’t be going through this article). Anyway, let me try to list a few option that you can consider if you are in Delhi.

1. Drink and Dine

Delhi is known for its food. There are so many option that its practically impossible to list in one article. Here are two of my favourites:

a) Indian Accent at The Manor

Manish Mehrotra is not just a chef, he is a food architect. And the ambiance he has created around is just awesome. I can eat here daily, three times a day!!
Food for two cost around INR 2500, including drinks.

Indian Accent


b) ITC Bukhara, Luxury at Its Best

The food is just terrific. But you doesn’t necessarily need to be a foodie to enjoy a evening here, the atmosphere is worth a lot.
Food for two should cost around INR 5000.



2. Sports Bars

Not everyone is good at sports, but that doesn’t stop you from being a fan. Find out if you both are crazy about some sport and you can have THE BEST first date. Two crazies make one awesome. (Underdoggs is a good option)




3. Take Her for a Coffee or Ice Cream

If you want to share your feelings or just listen to her, you should consider taking her out for a coffee, or Ice Cream, or Both. Girls love both of these anyway.




4. There are PVRs, and 218 other multiplexes

There is one at almost every corner. And few of them are good as well.



5. Bowling, Climbing Mount Everest or Running a Marathon

Adventurous activities can be a great bonding opportunities, but keep in mind that things can go dramatically wrong. Learn a few things about her interests before planning something.



Instead you can just walk around the beautiful gardens of Delhi or stroll for some awesome street food. It totally makes sense and there are good chances that you will have fun.


Disclaimer : We are in no way responsible if your date didn’t go as planned, you got slapped or whatever.