A Look At Applications Installed On The New HTC Rhyme Handset

The new HTC Rhyme is a mobile phone that does not offer the most powerful processor or the largest screen but it makes up for this by sporting stylish looks and incorporating some of the best software available. We take a look at some of the applications that come installed on this model.

Thanks to this device utilising the popular HTC Sense user interface there is a wealth of software available that comes as part of this platform. The HTC Weather Clock widget is present with its simple display showing the current time together with the weather conditions outside. There are sixteen different clock faces to choose from so you should never get bored by the design. One of the newer applications introduced on this model is the HTC Watch feature. This software enables you to choose from a large number of blockbuster movies that you can watch whilst on the move. Similar software platforms require you to download the file prior to watching it but HTC Watch buffers the file meaning that you can watch the movie the moment you press the button. A large number of films are available from this service and it certainly looks like a feature that will continue to grow thanks to the popularity of sites such as Lovefilm and Zune. The HTC Reader application is perfect if you want to use the Rhyme to ready any book titles you have downloaded. The attractive widget gives you a simple overview of all titles available and the phone connects to the Kobo bookstore which gives you access to thousands of downloads.

Many modern mobile phones offer excellent navigation facilities and the HTC Rhyme is no exception. Being an Android phone the handset naturally supports Google Maps but HTC have added their own version in the form of HTC Locations. The software come complete with maps for a number of countries throughout Europe. Like Google Maps the Locations service offers turn by turn navigation which is ideal if you are travelling to a different town or city. Local points of interest are also highlighted on the maps that are available. A number of third party applications also come installed on this model. The most impressive of these is the excellent Dropbox which gives users up to 3GB of cloud based storage free of charge thanks to an agreement between HTC and the developers. Users can gain additional storage space by recommending friends to use the facility.

The HTC Rhyme is a stylish handset that come equipped with a variety of great software. The applications that form part of the Sense user interface are superb and there are also some excellent introductions from independent developers.