Getting the Most from Windows Visual Studios

Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio is a powerful program offered by Microsoft that provides the tools and services necessary to create a wide variety of applications. With a code editor, integrated debugger, and the ability to support different programming languages, Visual Studio is an essential and effective development suite. Perhaps one of the most useful elements of Visual Studio from a business perspective is the program’s ability to connect all of your teams and projects. Indeed, it is Visual Studio’s capacity to work with its cloud-hosted services that can help businesses with tasks, such as online training, team process workflow, and issue and work item tracking management.

Connecting to the Cloud

In order to take advantage of the cloud-based services available with Visual Studio, the first step is to configure the program to automatically build and deploy to Windows Azure. The first step is to sign up for a Visual Studio Online account, which allows up to five free Basic users and the option to upgrade for additional user access. Once you have connected to Visual Studio Online, you can create a project and then check in that project to source control. From there, the project can be connected to Windows Azure. Once these steps have been completed, you are ready to take advantage of the beneficial cloud-hosted services available.

Visual Studio Features

Windows Visual Studio in conjunction with Windows Azure provides numerous benefits for businesses. Indeed, Visual Studio can help create modern business applications to serve a variety of goals, and with cloud capabilities, these applications become much more easily accessible.  The following are some of the tools available when utilizing Visual Studio:

  • Recruitment and Training – Visual Studio can save time through the creation of targeted apps that make things like recruitment and training virtually automated. For instance, a recruiting app that can manage job postings and potential candidates can simply be created through a cloud-based application. Moreover, online training for particular skills relevant to your business can be developed through Visual Studio and then through Azure and cloud-based services and be accessed across platforms; this makes training programs convenient for many different users. This feature of Visual Studio frees up time for productivity elsewhere.
  • Track Workflow-Another benefit of Visual Studio is the ability to track workflow from within. For instance, a backlog can be created to define and manage what work needs to be completed. Moreover, through work item charting, you can visually chart and track the completion of work. Another feature that can help in tracking workflow is using queries to help you quickly find particular work items that need your attention. Finally, all of this information utilized to track workflow can be customized. With Visual Studio, keeping track of projects has never been easier.
  • Collaboration – The heart of any successful business is collaboration, and with Visual Studio, collaboration is made easy. As previously mentioned, the ability to automatically link to Azure or other cloud-based programs helps increase the accessibility of these applications. Add this accessibility with the collaborative tools, and your business is off and running. Within Visual Studio, for instance, a team work room can be created, allowing all members the opportunity to discuss issues that arise, ask and/or answer questions, and share their status on projects. Teams also have the ability to work independently yet share information across the organization to other teams. With the ease of which collaborative resources are shared, Visual Studio is sure to increase productivity.

With Visual Studio, cloud business apps that help increase productivity can easily be utilized, allowing the tracking of workflow and simple collaboration. By working in tandem with Microsoft Office 365 certification and services and providing access to cloud-based services like Azure, Visual Studio becomes a valuable tool for business productivity.