Creating Content for Social Media

Tips to Produce Better Tweets, Posts and Pins

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Want more likes, shares, and people pinning your content? Well, you need to make sure you’re publishing something that’s worthy of people publicly endorsing it in one way or another. As social media becomes more important for all websites online, publishers are trying to come up with ways to be different from everyone else so they can be noticed.

Tips for Creating Social Media Content

Here are some tips to help you create better content for social media so that you can stand out from the crowd. When you do this, you’re going to see your social media numbers skyrocket.

  • Add Value – When writing content for social media, you should really make sure you’re offering value. This means taking time with the post or tweet you are writing so that you can give off more signal than noise. If you’re not adding value to a conversation, you’re going to be ignored or hated on.

  • Soft Sell – Going along with the above tip, you don’t want to hit your followers or fans over the head, demanding that they like or retweet something or visit a website. Being too heavy handed can backfire on social media networks. It’s a lot better to go for a soft-sell or leave the sales pitch out of it altogether.

  • Know Audience – Another very important thing to remember is your audience. Twitter and Facebook are both social media websites, but they’re quite different and have different types of users. Craft your content to your audience.

  • Don’t Automate – While automatically tweeting or posting your blog posts or an RSS feed is easy, this doesn’t mean it’s useful. In fact, without any personal commentary, you can begin to lose followers and fans quickly. Automation is good for some things, but social media is not one of them!

  • Easy to Share – If you’re writing for your blog and you want it to go far and wide on social media, you need to make sure you make it easy for readers to share your content. This means having buttons that can be clicked once to share your content.

The biggest thing you need to think about when writing for social media is that quality beats quantity all day long. In the past you could get away with just pumping out content no matter how good it was, but this doesn’t work any more.

The modern Internet is more advanced than that. The best way to “beat the system” is to work within it and create content that people can’t help but share with others. One more thing – please remember to share this post. Thanks!

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