Detect your WiFi Stealing | Wifi Interruption.

How to stop stealing and interruption of your WiFi network devices.

As we all know that Internet proved to be the best way to dig information and it has also adopted new technologies in past few years, so the now we have WiFi Technology which is widely used to operate Internet. WiFi is a wireless application service which comes with a WiFi devices to get you connected to internet and then you can start using your internet with the help of some WiFi signals protocols.

These WiFi Services are very helpful if you are using a Laptop or a Mobile Phone for Internet, in such cases you do not use Cables for Internet and make use of these WiFi services. WiFi services are free to use at some places like cafeteria, clubs, Airport or more. But if you have such service at your doors and you are the authorized person who is making payment for all these services then you should better aware of WiFi Stealing and WiFi Interruption mechanisms which are affecting lot of people now a days.

WiFi Stealing and Interruption:

These are kind of tricks and mechanisms which affect your WiFi device and steal your WiFi connections that results in interruption and stealing of your internet connection. There are few security measures but as we all know that Human created devices and technology can only be altered or destructed by Human with best knowledge of such technology, so when someone introduces it in your WiFi device it starts effecting your internet bandwidth and also infect your system by intruding some virus in it.

Understanding your WiFi:

A wireless network is comprised of a broadband Internet connection from a DSL, cable or satellite modem. You attach the modem to the wireless router, which distributes the signal and creates a network.

This is what’s called a local area network (LAN). This LAN is where you set up computer peripherals such as your desktop or laptop computer and printer. Your router will have what’s called a dynamic host client protocol (DHCP) table. In essence, your DHCP table is your guest list of every allowed piece of computing equipment.

Each device has its own media access control (MAC) address. Think of this as its signature. MAC addresses are assigned by the manufacturer, but can be changed by users, if they know how. Your router uses these addresses to assign each machine on your network an Internet protocol or IP address. The MAC and IP addresses of your equipment will be useful in a moment when we look at ways to detect whether or not someone is stealing your WiFi. For a more in-depth understanding of IP addresses, read What is an IP Address?

If you’re confused by some of this computer rhetoric, don’t be. What’s important is that you know what to look for when we get ready to diagnose your WiFi connection. Speaking of which, let’s get to it in the next section. After all, that’s what you came here for.

Wireless Internet Security Video will better ley you know how to Detect and Stop WiFi Stealing:

Watch the Video and stay updated with Latest Technology Threats in WiFi Technology.

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