How To Have A Healthy Regime The Disney Way

Walt Disney, an inspiring man who created The Walt Disney Company and with this an amazing little mouse called Mickey Mouse came along to enchant our lives forever. The animation of Disney is remarkable, the events are fun filled and the Disney experience is educational in so many ways but what you may not be aware of is how Disney caters for a healthier lifestyle.

So, what is this healthy Disney fitness workout and how can you get involved? Well, living the healthier lifestyle the Disney way incorporates many things from better nutrition to daily workout activities and this is brought to you by on a programme called “Magic of Healthy Living”.

Following the Disney online healthy regime, you can watch and follow the weekend health events they are involved in and this helps caters to living and eating better; for children and adults. Watch people try new exercise routines and explore new healthy eating habits; the Acai bowl went down a treat for a healthy living breakfast. Did you know that Acai berries actually have hidden health benefits? A berry that originates from the rainforest, an Amazonian health kick which is known to heal the immune system but not only does it have the power to heal but it has a superhero kick to it with its energy boosting strength. The Acai berry is a very powerful fruit that should be consumed if you are looking to have a healthier lifestyle. Because the Acai berry is high in anthocyanins this helps lower cholesterol which is good for the heart and with Disney the heart stores magical experiences so it is best to keep this organ living strong!

Disney’s Magic of Healthy Living TRYit Challenger

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The challenger is a great feature to the healthier living programme as you get to not only try new healthier activities but you can also earn a printable certificate that awards you for passing and becoming healthy and on top of that you can receive treats.

Are you aware of how dancing can benefit your health? With Disney you can find out how or just take the challenge and see for yourself. With activities like dance it up and pump it up you can groove to the music and strengthen your body, little would you know you are doing this tone up but dancing has these added health benefits. Dancing is an activity that can take away stress, it can clear the mind but more importantly dancing can be fun and enjoyable just like the Disney experience itself. Dancing your way to a better health really does improve not only the mind but body and soul; test your body and see what limits it can reach.

The Disney TRYathlon

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The way Disney brings people together is magical in itself. Families join together to bring their children to the Disney parks and friends come together too and now with the triathlon you can support a great healthy routine for yourself. The course brings together kids around the country and joins them up with some of their favourite Disney XD stars in order to compete in challenges, not only is it filled with fun and laughter but it allows children to exercise in a modern way and enjoy the lifestyle; all part of the Disney happiness.

The Future of Healthy Eating and Living

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If you want to live a healthier life you need to stick to your goals; unite like Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse. If you set off in determination to make a difference then stick to it and keep motivated. Life is an enchanting journey and with new experiences you can learn new ways of doing things as Disney has shown through their healthy living programme. Life does not need to be boring or a chore; you make it what it is. Keep the body strong and exercise regularly, keep the mind peaceful and you will avoid many health conditions like migraines, depression, Alopecia hair loss and even OCD symptoms. As the mind rests so does your body and it is that extra peace that allows you to concentrate on a positive and healthier way forward.

Thank you to Jeanna H for her contribution into this healthy article; Since recovering from a form of Alopecia hair loss she has remained positive, healthy and happy!

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