Eggs For Your Hair

There are plenty of low cost, natural ways to improve the quality of your hair.  Better yet, many of these products can also repair some damage you may have already caused.  Here are some advantages to using raw eggs on your hair and why you should invest in this baffling yet beneficial trick.

One of the main reasons eggs are seen as so beneficial is because they possess so many vitamins and nutrients.  They are also high on fatty acids that are perfect for making your hair stronger and healthier.  And by placing an egg directly onto your hair you are ensuring that the vital vitamins and nutrients are absorbed quicker and faster.

After doing the normal routine of shampooing and conditioning your hair, treat the egg as though it were a deep conditioner.  Apply the egg using gloves and let it sit on your hair for around a half an hour and then rinse the excess residue out with a small amount of shampoo.

Eggs are also known to treat the scalp due to their high dose of vitamin A.  Not only that, but after a few small treatments you hair will have an overall healthier look and feel to it.  And with a cartoon of eggs only running about $2 or less this is one of the cheapest conditioning systems on the market.

To prevent the need for hair transplants in Pittsburgh use egg therapy since it can help you avoid significant hair loss.  The vitamin A is delivered directly to the scalp so it can strengthen hair follicles for less damage and stronger roots.  Take care of your hair with this natural, easy and cost efficient method.

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