Facebook Secretly Planning To Launch Their Own Cell Phone

After Google, Facebook has now planned to enter the Cell Phone Industry. Yes you heard right facebook is now secretly planning to launch their own cell phone and they are working hard to make it better then Google and Apple. We all know that Facebook already gained good exposure competing other social media apps in cell phones no matter it is Nokia, Apple or any other Android Phone. So why is the need to build a Facebook Phone.

Facebook needs to be a platform, not a service. Facebook just doesn’t have enough weight on your phone right now, via its mobile website and its apps. Facebook wants to be built into the operating system, to make your contact list better, and to make boring features more social. That’s how it can continue to accelerate its growth and make itself irreplaceable.

Facebook couldn’t have a “FarmVille”-like success in today’s current phone ecosystem. Because Facebook doesn’t control the mobile platform — Apple, Google, RIM, etc. do — it can’t the basis for huge, money-printing social apps like it does on the web. Facebook doesn’t want people playing “We Farm” on their iPhones and using iTunes for payments: It wants to be powering payments, app distribution, promotion, advertising, etc., the way it does on the web. That is where the power is.

Facebook is increasingly competitive with Google and Apple, which both have their own phone platforms, and if Facebook is going to be one of the titans of the Internet going forward, it only makes sense to build a phone platform. Apple and Google are both getting deeper into the “social” game, via Apple’s Ping and Game Center, and Google’s Buzz and forthcoming secret social network. There will be an all-out war at some point. (Don’t think that Facebook and Apple don’t have hard feelings over Ping, for example.) Facebook could be at a severe disadvantage without its own mobile platform.

Apple and Google won’t let Facebook into the guts of their operating system, so if Facebook is going to show consumers what a “social” phone REALLY looks like, it needs to build its own. And since Facebook isn’t really partners with Google or Apple, it can risk pissing them off.

Facebook thinks phones need to be more social than they are, and Apple and Google and everyone else are doing a crappy job at it.

Facebook already has most of the features of a good phone in their platform, and better than most everyone else in mobile. Messaging, location, profiles, photos, etc.

Facebook just stole a guy from Google Android — Erick Tseng — to run its mobile products division. Tseng could have taken any job in the world, or started his own company, but he took this one. It couldn’t be because Facebook had small plans here.


Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/heres-why-facebook-is-secretly-building-a-phone-it-needs-to-be-a-platform-not-just-a-service-2010-9#ixzz1w3B71aWt

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