Food, Fun, and Festivities in Cyprus for January: An Open Invitation for All

As the year comes to a close, it is important to learn of the many festivals Cyprus will be hosting for the year 2013. Plan ahead of time and discover a unique culture only Cypriots can provide. It is the perfect opportunity to go visit traditional villages in the area on ride your Cyprus car hire vehicle.

January: Fun in the Snow

January is more fun and entertaining for the family, especially after the weatherman signals the arrival of the first snow because it meant time to go to Troodos Mountain for a day in the snow. Since snow is not a too common item in the island, most of the sledges and snowboards are easily hired as families congregate in this area. As for the rest of the Cypriots, it also becomes a perfect time for them to charter good nature trails and explore plants and herbs trying its best to stay alive after being dusted with snow.

Greeting the Year with a Blast: New Year’s Eve Celebration

Nevertheless, January is greeted with a big smile from Cyprus. As the clock strikes 12, you will see the sky glitter with big fireworks display. Families embrace and exchange kisses as they greet everyone Kali Khronia. Kids rush to the Christmas Trees in anticipation of the gifts given by Ayios Vasilis while mothers are busy preparing the Vasilopitta that would be shared by the family in the first morning of January.

Putting and End to the Holiday Season: The Epiphany

It is certainly a festive week for the Cypriots. It culminates with the celebration of the Epiphany on January 6, where many would gather at the harbor as the Bishop dramatically tosses a huge processional cross to the sea for it to be blessed and free from evil spirits, which are believed to cause evil tricks to the island during the past twelve days. In response, young men would dive into the water in an attempt to retrieve the crucifix.

After watch of this celebration, the rest of the crowd will take a stroll and enjoy honey soaked doughnuts called loukamades, while the older crowd will bring over their fruits to the blessed seawater in belief it will keep their harvest bountiful this coming autumn.

Preparation for the January Festivity in Cyprus

If you intend to come and join the festivity in Cyprus this January, it is best to leave your winter coats behind, because winter in Cyprus still offers enough sunshine for you to explore popular destinations in the area. You are still free to enjoy a beach escapade or just enjoy the 10° C temperature experienced in the central plain or move higher to the Troodos Mountains for a charming 3° C of temperature.

Enjoy a relaxing first week in Cyprus, this January. This is an off-peak season for tourism giving you less hassle to find the perfect hotel, vacation rental, and even affordable Cyprus car rental. Everything becomes more convenient and less expensive in Cyprus during this time of the year providing its guests only fun, entertainment, and celebration, which are all the good things in life only Cyprus can offer.

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Sheila Mendez enjoys spending the Holiday Season in Cyprus. She is also a regular patron of Privilege Rent A Car – and is very much satisfied with the services it provides every time she comes and visit the island.

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