Greater performance with the improvements in ThinkPad

The Lenovo ThinkPad has been accredited as one of the best tablet PCs available in the market. And this Lenovo product is going under some serious big changes for the development of a better version of the same. And to top up the upgrade movement, the company is going to introduce the Android 4 in its latest devices in the ThinkPad series. The Android 4 is the latest operating system or rather to say the latest version of the operating system Android, which is famous for its performance that it has shown up with the smart phones as well as those tablet PCs.

Performance of the new ThinkPad

The newest development in the ThinkPad is to deliver the high quality of work experience with much more user friendly approach as well as having much better kind of user interface with the high end connectivity and more performance oriented developments in applications and multimedia improvements, which are going to make the ThinkPad a desirable one, or rather to say a much more desirable one for the users. Moreover, the Android 4 provides the ThinkPad with the more secured data transfer through the encryption layer improvements done to it.

Competitors of ThinkPad

The upgrades that are going on in the ThinkPad will make it tougher for the direct competitors of the ThinkPad, the Cius from Cisco, a more difficult one. The newest Android OS which is code named Ice Cream Sandwich will make it more lovable to the uses. Though the ThinkPad will be missing some of the key hardware features like the Android Beam, but still its going to put one a lot of capacity to attract the users towards itself.

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