Green coffee extract helps in losing weight

Apart from the quick jolt of energy that caffeine has been known to give all these years, now a recent study has confirmed the fat-fighting capability of unroasted green coffee extract. Coffee beans as such are an accumulation of various compounds which are inherent with health benefits. Unroasted coffee beans are referred to as green coffee beans. Unroasted coffee beans are said to have higher levels of chlorogenic acid since the roasting process reduces the content of the acid in the roasted coffee beans. Chlorogenic acid is effective in fighting heart related diseases, weight loss, diabetes, and many other bodily ailments.

In the recent days green coffee extract has became a widely sold commercial product in the forms of pills, and beverages owing to its weight reduction possibility. Results of studies show that the presence of chlorogenic acid in the green coffee beans can induce the body to shed weight considerably. An experimental study conducted on people in India revealed that the intake of green coffee bean extract pills resulted in a weight loss of an average 18 pounds of the subjects, approximately 10% of their body weight over a period of 22 weeks.

At present no unknown risks or side effects have been associated with green coffee bean extract, however, the long term safety of its use is unknown. Further, studies have not given emphasis to any harmful effects arising from its use by people who are already having heart diseases and are following strict medications. Before beginning to use green coffee bean extract on daily basis it is required to ensure that one’s body condition supports such intake of caffeine content.

Expert’s advice the following while buying and using green coffee bean extract:

  1. Always prefer the use of branded products. The product label should mention the chlorogenic acid content to be at least 45%. The other ingredients should include GCA (Green Coffee Antioxidant) or Svetol as a must. Brands which use too much of artificial ingredients should be avoided since these ingredients may end up causing more harm than cure.
  2. Only limited quantities should be consumed on a periodic basis. Compliance to timing and quantity should be followed to avoid unexpected risks.
  3. Any abnormal symptoms or conditions like accelerate heart rate, increase in blood pressure levels, allergy or discomfort should be taken note of investigated before continuing its use. People allergic to coffee or caffeine should avoid the use of green coffee bean extract pills or beverages.
  4. Proper exercise and healthy food habits will complement the use of green coffee bean extract in aiding weight loss. The chlorogenic acid in green coffee is known to induce reactions in the body which regulates blood sugar and controls metabolism.

It is wise to do an extensive study and research before starting the use of green coffee bean extract as a part of regular diet program. The risks and side effects associated with it should be taken into account before buying and using.

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    The green coffee extracts can be a great option for losing the weight. This form of coffee contains no caffein and hence is considered to be a great option for conferring the right health benefits.

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