Guide to selecting the perfect flooring techniques – wood or concrete

When anyone walks in to your home, the floor makes a big impression about your personality and about how you like to keep your house. The choice of the floor entirely depends on the requirements of your room – the décor you’d like, the theme you are looking for, the kind of traffic that the room will receive and usage on the whole. Be it a wooden layout or a concrete floor, you need to think wisely before you lay it under your feet.

Wood flooring Technology For Your Home

When you opt for a wooden floor, you got to consider a few important things. Undoubtedly, wood is not very easy to maintain as compared to concrete floor. Although it adds an extra star of beauty as compared to any other flooring option, it might take that extra hour of yours. However, the magnificence it delivers is simply worth all the trouble. A regular simple supervision and precautions can take care of the beauty of your wooden flooring for years.


Selecting the right material For Your Home

To select the right wooden flooring for your home; you need to study all the options available in terms of design, pattern, color, construction and finish. When you know what you exactly want, it will become much easier to pick the right product. Unlimited options may confuse you but we suggest sticking to the theme you have created in your mind. After deciding the type of wood you’d like to go with, select the design you want to create. You may choose from plank flooring or strip flooring; strip is a popular style of laying the wood. Then, you may further design it using standard, Herringbone, Fontainebleau or Marie Antoinette designs.

Next, you will have to evaluate if you would like to go for a solid construction or an engineered one. Last comes the point of giving the final cosmetic look to your wooden floor. If you’re looking for instant solutions, pre-finished floors should be your choice. They are more durable; have a long lasting finish and require no sanding and finishing. Alternatively, you can also go for unfinished floors that give you more options in terms of colors, stains and finishes and also give you additional space for personalization.

The Good Old Concrete Floor

Concrete flooring is the good old option in interior décor world. The stylized options of tinted, colored, acid-stained, overlays, radiant floors, etc. are stirring their demand further in the market. Concrete floors are durable, easy to maintain, versatile and environment friendly, and therefore have become the standard choice of many users, architects and designers. Since this style of flooring can cater to high degrees of customization; you will have to only judge what will seamlessly blend with your interiors and sit back and relax!

The Apt Concrete For Your Home

Whatever option for customization you go for, always remember that it should match the interiors of your rooms – from the color of the walls to the theme of various decorative you implant there. Any flooring design and type can be chosen but be extremely careful when it comes to selecting the top coating. Before selecting the coating for your floor, evaluate it. Being the portion that bears all the damages and abrasions, the coating becomes extremely important for concrete floors, so as to maintain their durability. Choosing the right coat also depends on the new look and finish you would like to give to the floor.

Now you exactly know what to do when it comes to picking the right flooring for your home. Go for it!

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