Honda motors are at mess

Sale decrease of Honda motors

In the beginning of New Year Honda has sold only 1784 cars. In the beginning of 2011 Honda has sold 5838 units which denotes that they has decreased there sales by 70 percent. Honda Company says that the reason behind this decline of sale is the production cut as well as unavailability of raw materials and spares. As we know that Honda is a German Company. That earthquake and the Tsunami that took place in the year 2011 in Japan damage most of the production companies and also the Japanese auto companies. In the same year a huge flood struck Thailand, this also put a major problem to the Company. Honda was unable to produce new cars. There are many competitors of Honda. At this point of time by taking the advantage of this fall of the Honda Company they came up with more and more new cars with lots of facilities.

Reason of downfall of Honda Company

Honda has tried to come up by taking help of different sources. In spite of taking help from others Honda was unable to come up with the downfall. Production has gone down considerably. Honda has a thought that the car Brio and jazz production will start from this very year. Honda’s target is to come back with the production of their car and sale them within the march of this year. Honda Company has a record that in this New Year they have sold 1503 units of city sedan model out of 1784 units.

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