How to deal with Stress during your Exams?

Exams are like bad dreams because when they come they make you feel very tired mentally and physically. Our parents and guardians try lot of things for us to get rid of stress during exams as we never get time to overcome our mental and physical conditions.

Well if you really think you need help in this case then you will find the following information and tips that will overcome your stress during exams.

Sleep Well:

You need atleast 7-8 hours of sleep, as every machine and even human needs good rest for a good startup. So better you take good rest before you start your studies and make sure you had a good sleep with no bad dreams at all.


Do not just keep studying and do take some breaks in between your studies to make yourself feel satisfied about what you studied. The best way to take break in between your studies is to take a revision break or to chat with your friends, but make sure that you take a short break not a long chat with your closed ones.

Loop Your Studies:

Try to loop your studies or make your subject more realistic and do not keep revising. Just leave some stuff or study thing for next day as well to learn and understand better.

Eat Well:

Just like you sleep well you need to make sure that you had good and sufficient food as well on time. This helps you remain healthy and it also improves your mental power to keep you focused always. Avoid coffee and Tea and other food stuff that includes nicotine.


If you feel that you are not getting good sleep then it time for you to exercise to make your body feel pain and get you some good sleep. Sporting activities like running, skating, swimming and tennis can refresh you and make you feel more relaxed.

Be Positive:

We had come across many students who remain confused just before the 5 mins of exams as well. So to overcome this you need to be positive always about you and your environment no matter how bad conditions you have around you. Just feel chilled out and have fun with simple and small things that you always like around you.

These all tips will definitely help you release stress during your exam studies and we hope all our friends out there do well in their exams always. If you have any suggestion or comments about stress relief then you are most welcome.

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