How to do On Page in Search Engine Optimization

On Page Optimization in SEO

On Page Optimization is very much necessary in Search Engine Optimization, and it needs to be handled carefully while performing SEO operation on any website.

On Page Optimization consists of following parameters:

  • Analysis of Website
  • Meta Tags Modification
  • Website Validation
  • Fresh Content Writing Writing and Analysis
  • Check Keyword Relevancy
  • Image Attributes
  • Analyzing Website URL’s, URL Structure and Permalinks
  • Canonicalization
  • Analysis of Website: Many of you would be thinking why to analyse website using on page if you already know what exactly the project is all about. But my friends, analysis doesn’t mean to know something about website but it is a deep and thorough study about website and it’s nature of business, services or product. It is the way through which you not only analyse the website and it’s products but you also get time to dig information about main keywords and inner page keyword. Though it does not takes much of your time to analyse any particular website and it helps you kill the competition and makes your work easy and user-friendly with your clients.
  • How to Analyse a Website: I know many of us do not know how to analyse a website and we think it’s quiet easy for us by having a look at the website. But believe me it’s not that easy if you cannot strive hard to make it simple in on page. To analyse any website you have to go through each aspect of website by having a look at the website design, check for the layout structure because your inner pages and user friendly nature with inner links to different pages of same website does matter in search algorithms, make sure that your client has product or service specific pages in his/her website that will help you to choose and rank different keywords.
  • Meta Tags Modifications: In On Page Meta Tags are one of the necessary factors that lets search engine robots to crawl your keywords and rank you better positions. Meta Tags consists of Title, Description and Keywords Editing on your website. Meta Tags are used in Head Tag section of all the websites and you can use it like:
<meta name=”description” content=”Free Web tutorials” />
<meta name=”keywords” content=”HTML,CSS,XML,JavaScript” />
<meta name=”author” content=”TechMaza Author” />
<meta http-equiv=”content-type” content=”text/html;charset=UTF-8″ />


And if you do not have any knowledge in Meta Tags editing then you can also use some online tools to generate your

meta tags for  you like:


  • Website Validation: Website Validation is a kind of testing done to any website to verify the coding and design efficiency of a website during on page. It gives you the number of errors available in website coding and design which is effecting your website performance in terms of searching crawling and user friendly effects.  Website Validation helps you to rectify and remove errors from your website and to make website content to be crawled easier by the major search engine robots. You validate your website using and you can check your website page speed after validation using this page speed extension is also available for your Google Chrome Browser.
  • Fresh Content Writing and Analysis: Fresh Content Writing does effects your on page in many ways because it is right said by Google that content is KING. So no matter how your website pages are and how you work on your off page and on page but you need to have good content to get god ranking. Make sure you do not have duplicate or copied content, if you have any then please take a step ahead to remove it and write some fresh content. You can also hire people online who can write you fresh content. There are lot of Freelancers you can get online from or who would hardly charge you $5-$10 for 600 words content or an article for your web page.
  • Check Keyword Relevancy:  Keyword relevancy in your content effects your product and services to bots while  considering your ranking and link building analysis, so it is very important that you have your keyword reflection in your content during on page activity. Keywords should not be more and should not be less as well so that searching reports your page as spam. For many people keyword relevancy is the targeted term that should occur in your website and content to effect the ranking of those keywords in major search engines. You can check your keyword relevance and density using
  • Image Attributes: Image attributes like ALT attribute plays a vital role in promoting your unique image in search engines image gallery. If user searches for image about an object and if you have that object on your website with alt attribute mention with the object name as keyword then you could drive traffic with that image.
  • Website URL’s and Structure: Website URL’s are the main and inner page links analysis to verify that all links are good and are working fine. When we submit our website to webmaster tools with a Sitemap then we have to make sure with our webmaster tools report that all our links are accessible through different search engines. If any of our link is not working and is not accessible then we might face an error page of 404 which may result in loosing ranking or our website.  You can check your broken links using:


  • Canonicalization:Cannonicalization is one of the new on page issue that most of the developers and webmasters facing these days.What is a canonical url? Do you have to use such a weird word, anyway?
    A: Sorry that it’s a strange word; that’s what we call it around Google. Canonicalization is the process of picking the best url when there are several choices, and it usually refers to home pages. For example, most people would consider these the same
    But technically all of these urls are different. A web server could return completely different content for all the urls above. When Google “canonicalizes” a url, we try to pick the url that seems like the best representative from that set.If I have made any mistakes in this blog or if you have any suggestion about any thing related to ON PAGE optimization in SEO then please write me by commenting.

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