Human Growth Hormone: An Overview

Human growth hormones or Somatotropin, more commonly known as HGH, are hormones that are produced by the human body in order to facilitate growth. The health production of these hormones is essential for proper growth and a deficiency in them can lead to many different health problems, both for young and old people.


Normally, the production of growth hormones in the pituitary gland peaks during the adolescent years. This gland continues to produce the hormone throughout adulthood but once a person reaches the age of 40 or thereabouts, the production rate is dramatically decreased because the body no longer needs as much of these hormones as in the younger years.


There are some people, however, who suffer from HGH deficiency either because of an illness or a genetic dysfunction. To remedy this lack of natural HGH, these people may be required to take HGH drugs on a regular basis, which are typically available in the form of injections.


Although it is quite effective in increasing the growth hormone levels in the human body, the problem is that synthetic HGH is a relatively new drug, and it does have some issues that have not been completely ironed out. It may even be producing some long-term side effects that have not yet been discovered. In other words, its use is not entirely without risk. Therefore, people who have to take it should only do so according to the prescription of the doctor. Any side effects noticed should be reported to the doctor right away. For more on HGH side effects visit


For people that are only using HGH to remove wrinkles, lose some weight and gain muscle tone but are not suffering from severe HGH deficiency then a nonprescription HGH supplement like Genf20 Plus, GHR1000, Genfx and Provacyl might just be enough. These supplements can be acquired by visiting without the need for a doctor’s visit and prescription. Most importantly HGH supplements have been proven to be side effect free at least in people that do not have any allergies to their ingredients.

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