Internet Marketing – If Content Is King Then Pictures Are Ace In SEO Race!

Now that all of the hype over the major $1 billion check that Facebook doled out to buy Instagram has subsided a bit people are trying to figure out how use this innovative photo tool for their businesses. There isn’t a lot of information about how to optimize Instagram so some companies are optimizing their Instagram photos the same way you would optimize Youtube videos or a pictures in a blog post, by inputting keywords in text, titles, and tags. These photos can’t be optimized for search engines (yet), but can they be optimized for potential client usage?

In the world of internet marketing and SEO we constantly preach “content is king” for articles and blog content, but with the advent of Instagram and the quality of photos this powerful app produces that motto may now be spilling over into the photo sector. The importance of photos on company websites and blogs is more important than ever. Major companies like Pepsi and Starbucks have already taken note and are stepping up their photo game by jumping in on the Instagram hype.

The heart of Instagram is a simple point and shoot premise. It’s easy to use and users can play with filtering and border options. Most of the photo filters add a vintage veneer with the tap of a finger. No more photoshop and no more messing with expensive cameras and balances to achieve that vintage feel that everyone fawns over. With Instagram anyone with a smartphone can be a photographer. More over, the photos you take are easily shared on a variety of social networking platforms.

Using Instagram with relevant hashtags is an amazing way to make sure you get the most out the photos on your website. Users everywhere are going bananas for Instagram. It’s created a huge buzz among water coolers and social circles everywhere. When it comes to viral phenomenon there’s no better time to start than at the beginning, which is precisely where Instagram is now.  Instagram doesn’t offer brand accounts, but individual accounts can always be created and brands can be plugged creatively.

As with all social media, creating relevant and engaging interactions with your readership and potential and existing client base is extremely important. So, get creative and have fun with this fun new social media platform!

Have you started using Instagram for your business or your clients yet? Do you have any tips and tricks for anyone new to the world of Instagram? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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