Introduction to Top five websites of Decade

Twenty-first century has been a boom to internet.  It is the time when internet come out of offices and cyber cafes and made its palace in user’s home and lifestyle. Website was a very less known term in twentieth century and internet was costly as well as unknown. But as the time grows, the lifestyle changes, and Internet becomes very useful part of our life. Here is this article we will discuss about top five websites that changes life of the whole world and possibly internet had not been reached at this stage without them. Here they are:

  1. Google: Google is not only one search engine, and when it founded in 1996, its competitors were Bing and Yahoo. But as the saying, may the best man win, so is story of Google. Started from a collage project, Google has become world’s largest search engine. With continues efforts to make search easy, better and quality, Google really deserves this palace. Along with search, it introduces email, maps, and books and may more features which have made our day to day life very easy.
  2. Wikipedia: Wikipedia is the online encyclopedia. An open platform to provide knowledge to people. Wikipedia is supported by Wikimedia foundation and is totally Non-Profit organization.  It is built by volunteers and users al around the world. Only US provide 2.7 million monthly page-views to Wikipedia. It has grown as a authority of knowledge in last decade.
  3. Facebook: Started by Mark Zuckerberg in 2003 as a collage project, Facebook connects its 350 million users online. Facebook has become the most popular social networking website which helps its users to share photos, status and much more.
  4. Twitter: Twitter was started as a platform for employees to share notes and small messages. With just 140 words limit, Twitter has changed the form of microblogging in last decade. Many celebrities, governments and authorities use its services to keep in touch with.
  5. Youtube: Youtube has provided the fifteen minutes of fame to everyone in the world. Most famous video sharing website on the internet, Youtube has increased to billion of videos and users till date. Youtube is owned by Google.

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