iPhone 5 Cases And Its Different Types

Well, iPhone 5 isn’t out in the market yet, but due to the release of the previous products by Apple, i.e. the other generations of iPhone, people can’t control to have a look at the new iPhone 5th generation, thinner, slicker. So the case suppliers are already out there ready to supply cases for the new iPhone! Well there are many types of cases out there, one can buy felt cases, plastic, silicon cases, rubber or leather cases and also wooden or aluminum cases. Why these cases differ from each other is because:

Plastic Cases: Plastic cases, they are colorful, and very inexpensive. One can try different colors; it gives the iPhone a vibrant, bright, colorful look. Mainly it pops out your phone at the crowd. So plastic cases, I’d prefer for the young generation, cool & funky.  And as you keep changing it , it always gives your phone a new and fresh look!

Leather cases: Leather cases give your phone a smart, elegant look. Thought leather cases are the most expensive but if compared to the price and safety of your phone, it really doesn’t matter. One should be careful to buy good quality leather.

Flexible & soft Silicon cases: Silicon cases are available in variety of colors. It not only protects the iPhone from scratches but also adds beauty to the phone, and matches the owners outfit!

Aluminum cases: It is known as the best body protector, and also light in weight compared to the other silicon or leather cases. These cases are made of special cut outs making the phone easier to use and protects from maximum amount of scratches while in the case. Aluminum cases are also available with different looks with beautiful colors!

These are the common cases for iPhone 5 out there in the market covers usually depend on the usage of the Phone, so people should first know what kind of user they are.

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