Is Acupuncture Safe?

The question has been around years and people still ask this- Is Acupuncture Safe? The Answer is Yes, only if performed by trained and qualified practitioner. A Licensed Practitioner knows the human body very well and will insert the acupuncture needles safe and secure way. Although there is no known side effect of acupuncture, still if anyone uses un- sterilized and infected needles, it may cause problem. The best t thing about licensed Acupuncturists is that he will use sterilized or one-time usage needles and instruments, just like dental or surgical experts do.

Acupuncture is known for pain relief and physical tension, and if not done carefully and in right manner, the pain can be increased instead of getting relief. Sometime there may be bleeding during acupuncture, because it involves needles and if it is not done with proper neatness, there are high chances of infection. Even small amount of bleeding can be dangerous if catches infection. So using right instruments is very much necessary.

Every human body has its own stamina and need of acupuncture treatments, and the patients feel the sense of relief during and after the treatment. It is all about injecting the Vital Energy and this energy should be balanced. One can get instant relief, or after some sessions depending on the body stamina and need. Roots of acupuncture are about two thousands years long, but there have been many changes in techniques and methods to make it better. A new form known as Medical Acupuncture has been introduced in recent years which include acupuncture by trained and certified doctors.

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