Keep the Dust Away From Your Smartphone!

Smartphone Cleaning Tips for You!

(This will prevent you from selling cell phones soon)

As a smartphone user, you should know that keeping your phone clean can help prolonging its life. Remember and follow these tips to keep your handset looking brand spanking new!

Several months down the road, our smartphones should have experienced several mishaps like drops, pocket crams, shocks and a lot more. Some of us will have placed our smartphones in wet places. What’s worse is that we might have taken them swimming.


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We must acknowledge that a dirty phone screen won’t give us the total experience of using a smartphone. Smartphone screens are very sensitive and if you clean them the wrong way, you might ruin them for good.

When you have to clean a smartphone, the most important tool you need is a microfiber cloth. This is the right kind of cloth to use on your smartphone because it has a smooth surface and will not produce a scratch on the smooth display of the phone. If you don’t have one, you can easily find one at some electronic or hardware store.

Here’s how to keep the dust away from your smartphone so that you will sell used phone in no time:

  1. If you plan on cleaning the entire unit, remove the battery first. This is just for safety measures.
  2. With a dry cloth, gently wipe the screen. If there is dirt that is somewhat difficult to rub off, do not scrape it hard. Apply gentle pressure until the dirt wears off.
  3. If the dry cloth is not enough to make the display surface spic-and-span, try using a wet cloth. But be careful with what kind of liquid you will use on the cloth. So far, the safest to use is distilled water. If that is not strong enough, mix it with a little vinegar, Just a little, okay?
  4. Put liquid into a spray bottle, and spray it onto the microfiber cloth. Pouring on too much liquid can permanently damage the screen of the phone.
  5. After doing the above steps, wait for the screen to dry before turning the smartphone back on.


Here are some other tips to remember:

  • Buy a case for your phone. Make sure that the one you buy is the same as the model that you have. Do not spend too much on it because it is meant to take the damage your phone should have incurred itself.
  • Be careful in how you carry your device. Do not stuff it in a crowded bag or cram it in with your car keys. Put your handset in a place where nothing can scratch it.
  • Turn off the screen before putting your phone inside your pocket. This precludes the incident of butt-dialing.
  • Develop the habit of charging your phone every night so that you will have enough power to last the next day.


Take care of your new smartphone and sell used phones!

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