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Home entertainment is such a technology which has made a big place in everyone’s heart. Nowadays buying a television or TV has become a real trick, because of the huge availability and variety. A lot of different brands are available in the market with different prices and varied features. Buying a TV is a trick because every company is providing the best quality before and after sale service. We see in our daily lives that TV has become an indispensable part and is important for every member of a family. The children will watch cartoons, mothers will watch daily soaps and fathers will watch news and other informative channels. TV is available in different sizes and with outstanding features. You will always try to buy the best brand with a big size that too in an affordable rate. Nowadays, different brands are available with different prices and if you understand the features, then it will be easier for you to make a choice among the best. We will discuss the available different types of TV, their features and differences from each other.



The different types of TV with its advantages and disadvantages:


  • 1.Plasma TV


  • These TVs have flat screens and are bit older in fashion. The material used to manufacture these TVs is relatively cheap and hence the production cost is also very low. These TVs are available in a cheap rate in the market and the people who want big screens at a low price can easily afford it.
  • These TVs use a particular type of gas which when comes in contact with electricity produces the plasma. The pictures are created when plasma emits the light. The pictures thus produced are of high quality and gives a realistic picture quality and the pictures do not blur even. The plasma TVs provides a wide angle of view.
  • The lifespan of the plasma screen generally ranges between 10-15 years and consumes energy of high amount; which has now become a frowned to the consumers as most of them are trying to be environmentally friendly.
  • Plasma screens are very big and heavy to move and hence become difficult at the time of shift. The screen generally gets glare in rooms with bright light.



  • 2.LCD TVs


  • These TVs are made with the same technology as the screen of a pocket calculator does and are introduced parallel with the plasma TVs. The screen of a LCD TV has fluorescent light as its backlit.
  • These TVs have a longer lifespan as compared to the plasma TVs. The general lifespan of a LCD TV is nearly 30+ years which is pretty good.
  • These TVs consume less electricity and hence are environment friendly too.



    1. LED TVs


    • These TVs has come up with a next generation of LCD TVs while are made of the same technology as a LCD does.
    • These TVs use LED Backlit and not the fluorescent backlit which makes it durable than the other TVs.
    • These TVs are thinner and gets fit anywhere in the wall.



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