Most Wanted Blogging Contest – TechMaza Infotech Sponsors ITSA, RAIT Technical Event At 16th & 17th March 2013

TechMaza Infotech is sponsoring a technical fest organized by ITSA (Information Technology Students Association) in Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology(RAIT). RAIT is an engineering college situated in D.Y. Patil campus and it consists of four student committees to organize technical events. All these four committees are organizing respective technical events independently. Following are the tech based committees who are organizing the Technical festival – ITSA (Information Technology Students Association), IEEE RAIT association, Computer Society of India RAIT association and ISA (Instrumentation Student Association).

Techmaza Blog Contest


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Event in detail:

About TechMazaInfotech:

TechMazaInfotech is a Internet Marketing and a web development firm based in Khargharn Navi Mumbai.

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We are conducting an event with ITSA on the 16th and the 17th of March 2013. This event is named as the “Most wanted Blogger Event”

Idea behind the event: In this world of so much social media involvement and engagement the youth is spending so much time on social media websites and generating likes and shares on a post has become a craze. We want to take this passion and the talent to the next level so that even the youth these days can leverage their abilities, these which are considered as a “time pass”, to something which can further enhance their abilities by giving direction to the efforts so that the time spent on any social platform may prove to be beneficial both in terms of their smartness and also benefit them monetarily. If you read the whole blog, I am certain that you will be convinced and exited to spend your time on social platforms to learn, nurture your talent, grow as a individual by gaining knowledge in the field less explored – The Internet marketing field (As these knowledge is not provided in the college curriculum can expose them to new carrier opportunities).

About the event:

As mentioned in the banner, even though we have tried to put in as many points in brief and made it explanatory enough, you may have many doubts so as to how the event will be executed etc.

Firstly, let me explain the pointers mentioned in the banner in detail:

This event is a blogging event in which the participants will have to write a blog which will be then published on the website and then will people who read the content should share the blog post on various social media platforms which can be done via the social widget provided beside the blog post.

Blog topic anything under the sun – The blog topic can be anything which people find interesting and it should be “SHAREABLE”. For example it can be as simple as a movie review, game/app review, who stuff works, any e-how article, or it can be related to any social issue or a important information you need to share with people. It is not that, it should be something serious it can also be a troll which people share these days. The blog can also be your own thoughts views or opinions about a certain topic.

Prize Money Unlimited – The prize money will be the number of shares the blog post gets. The blog post can be shared via the social bookmarking/ social share widget present beside the blog post. It also shows the number of shares the blog post has got. This will help keep the evaluation process transparent so that there is no miscalculation and cheating involved in this procedure.

Get Company Internship – Web Development – TechMazaInfotech is a web development firm so it provides summer internships to students who are interested in website building irrespective of the discipline in which they have done their graduation. For the students this will provide them an added advantage as they can add it on their resume and which will help them to get an edge over the other students  while there campus placements. We will provide them certificates of internship. Also, if the performance is exceptionally good, then TechMazaInfotech may also hire them as a web developer.

Internet Marketing Training – We also provide internet marketing training by certified professionals which will help you to discover a path of carrier which is less explored as no college curriculum covers these kinds of courses. This will help you venture into a career path that has a lot of scope and is a very interesting field to work in. By having these kind of skills which will let you merge your technical abilities with marketing strategies to provide business solutions to the businesses trying to flourish in the internet space.

Placement in Internet Marketing Firms – Post the training program you will be eligible to be placed in the major internet marketing and web development firms all over the country. We have tie-ups with major internet marketing firms and we do provide country wide exposure in terms of placements with a training program of world class standards.

Get Part Time Jobs – Earn Money Blogging – For the people who will be shortlisted in this contest will also be given an author panel in our website which will help you to continuously post blogs. Since the participants are students, we have formulated a platform which can help them get an earning via the blogging. So even if you do not win the contest don’t be disappointed.  J You can keep on contributing blogs to our website and once the sum of the shares of the blogs contributed form you crosses 1000 you will be paid Rs. 1000 in the form of a cheque  by post method.

The answers to the FAQ’s:

Who should take part in this event?

The person who is most popular on Facebook and including other social platforms – Because the prize money really depends on the number of shares they get on the website when there blogs will be posted here.

The person who has Good writing skills – If you are person who writes interesting articles for the college magazines? This event will be a cake walk to you. Combining writing skills which makes articles readable with an interesting idea that people might share is the best combination for winning this contest.

If people find your posts interesting – If people really like and share your ideas which you put up in brief as a facebook update or twitter tweets? This is the time to elaborate your thoughts. Blogs are the best source via which one can in detail explain his or her opinion to the outer world.

If you have come across something interesting – It can be an image, News, video, infograph, information, how to do a task steps, or anything under the sun which you think is worth sharing with others and when you do so will make others to share it as well is what we are looking for.

What if the content is in the form of an image, video or an info-graph?

Well that case we suggest the following. The basic idea of the completion is to write a blog

If the content is in the form of an image – Write a 300 to 400 word blog describing the whole idea and explaining the details of the Image or the info-graph.

If the content is in the form of a video – Provide the transcripts of the video. Provide your perspective of analyzing the situation or anything related to that video.

The major idea is to provide content in the form of words so that the major search engines also notice the blog. There is no better way to come to notice of the search engines without the text format.

By adding more and more text you will allow the visitors to land on your blog via the search engine as well this will result in more and more page visits leading to more and more people reading the blog and this will increase the number of people sharing the blog post.

What is the word limit?

There is no upper limit to the word count but the blog post to be valid it should have a minimum of 300 words in it.

What are the DO’s and Don’ts?

You can refer to books and the internet in case you will need to add important info or statistics, dates etc.  Then you will have to frame the content in your own words.

Do not copy-paste the content form sources. This is a event in which you will be given enough time to write the content as you can write a blog from anywhere be it your home. However, people posting duplicate content will be disqualified. We will run the blogs through plagiarism software to check if the blog is copied from anywhere on the net.

The shares will be evaluated and no fake shares will be counted (fake shares include the shares generated by the use of spam software)

The shares generated by the real people my it be friends of the blogger is counted as a valid share if it is via the website on which it is published (

Execution of the event:

How will the event be executed? What are the steps involved in the submission if the blog posts will be briefed to you on 15th and 16th March on the 6th floor tutorial room, RAIT, Nerul, Navi Mumbai.

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