Radio Mirchi: A Leading Radio Station of India

Radio Mirchi (98.3) is currently available over more than 32 cities of India and day by day it is gaining more and more popularity. It is a live streaming online music site. You need not pay any fee for listening or downloading any song or music of your choice and for doing this you do not need to install any additional software or tool on your computer. Radio Mirchi Online assures uninterrupted listening. You will not be disturbed by irritating and invasive commercial breaks. Radio Mirchi Online RJs have a sense of proportion – you will not have to suffer long drawn verbal gymnastics of narcissistic RJs. In fact online radios have very few commercials which let you listen to an uninterrupted music, on the other hand traditional radio shows need to fulfill lot of endorsement so they have to fit some advertising commercials between the programmes. At present Radio Mirchi is the No.1 Radio brand in private sector, having network across 14 states with 32 online radio stations and having more than 41 million listeners across the country.

Music – A source of our Happiness

Music plays a very vital role in our day to day life. Like harnessing fire to our day to day life or like invention of the wheel, creative music is one of the earliest and greatest things that human beings have added to social life. Birds sing instinctively to attract mates and to proclaim territory, and therefore, bird song remains unvarying through generations. Music produced by human beings, on the other hand, is not territorial proclamation. Music produced by human beings derives from creative genius that distinguishes human beings from the rest of animal kingdom. Music plays many roles in our life, like Music is joy, music is energy, music is passion, music is love, music is soul, music is heart, and music is expression of human emotion. In short, music is one of the major pillars that support human life. Music is, therefore, a pain reliever. Music is stress reducer. Music has the power to heal without medicine. Our life is surrounded by music and life without music is like body without soul. Although music comes in many kinds and we may call it in different names, ultimately music is fundamental; it is one and the same. It is a fundamental source of pleasure. It is the only thing that cuts across economic boundaries and brings, at least momentary relief, to everyone in the world. Radio Mirchi enriches life with an enormous variety of music that spans across the full range of musical creativity. The advanced technology and musical variety of online radio stations like Radio Mirchi gives us the freedom to listen the music of our choice.

Commercial Success

As far as commercial aspects are concerned, Radio Mirchi is the first choice among the advertisers. It has bagged four out of six awards given to the radio broadcasters by Radio and Television Advertising Practitioners’ Association in the year 2004. Radio Mirchi has also got seven out of eight awards, awarded in the year 2005. It has won Gold Medal for Best Activity Generating brand Loyalty and one Bronze Medal for Best Activity Generating Awareness and Trial at 2004 Promotion Marketing Awards of Asia. It also won two Gold Medals at the Ad club, Kolkata Awards and one Gold Medal at the Ad Club, Bangalore Awards function.

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