Reduce Cost In Web Development Using Open Source Applications

With years of experience on complex and hybrid projects in Web Development I have seen lot of changes in technology used to build complex and dynamic websites. Today I will disclose you some important tips that will not only help you code simple HTML website but will also show you how to reduce your cost in major web development projects.

There was a time when developers used to code website using Dreamweaver and other third party editors to build nice design simple website, but these days you need not have to be a professional in learning these editor tools as there are many open source applications available which can help you build your website with any requirements in just few clicks of your mouse button.

So here is the way you can actually become a developer in just few minutes and start working on your own web project. Before I begin I just need some viewers to know some basics in Web Development, so I would start from conversation from basics to advanced topics in web development.

Domain Name:

Domain name is your business name online which is always called as a website URL address for example:

You can buy these domain names from any sources available like or

Web Server:

Web Server is a place where you host your website and start working on it later on. Web servers comes in different configuration and it is just like an online computer where you dump your website data and it is retrieved by your user when they surf your website.

You can buy these Web Server Space from or or any other reliable hosting solution online. But make sure you invest good money while buying your server because your website traffic and up-time is totally depended on the web servers quality and efficiency.

Web Developers:

If you have some great plans  in your mind and want to start something big then you should have an experience developer at your end to code and customize your work where you think you cannot move ahead with your skills.

In order to save money in customization and to reduce the developer work you should always try hard to find the answers to your questions in some of the major forums and blogs. These micro sites you can easily find using your search engine queries and they are really effective to resolve all your questions.

Graphics Designers:

If you are well qualified in designing then there is never a need to a Graphics Designer. Here’s the tip that will help you reduce cost in this area, you can go to some free theme websites or to some websites where you can buy themes for cheaper price like or Template Monster but if you have a plan to build your own unique design then it’s necessary for you to have a good graphics designer at your end.

Open Source Application:

Working with an open source application completes your 70-80% project work because an open source application is already a ready made website that is designed to meet some of the common requirements of a client.

Open Source Applications like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Opencart and Magento are very advance set of tools online which can be installed easily on your web servers to accomplish your web project up to 50% before you move on to customization.

These applications have a huge market place and extension section that helps you build simple and dynamic websites in just few minutes, thus it saves your time and money for the web site development. Also these days you may find that may open source applications have templates for websites that are cheap in price and good in terms of quality for a dynamic website.

You can create websites like Simple Website, Dynamic Business Website, E-Commerce Web Portals and Social Media Sites with these applications.

Extensions and Plugins:

Extensions and Plugins specifies their meaning by their name itself and they are sometimes called as modules. You can either buy these modules if they are premium but I never got time to buy because lot of them are very helpful and available for free of cost on open source app websites itself.

Reduce Cost:

When I say reduce the cost then it means reducing the overall project cost by choosing Open Source Applications. As I never compromise with quality and sometimes I buy lot of modules if they are worth buying and are not available in Open Source apps website.

If you have a project in mind which seems complex then you should better do lot of research while choosing an appropriate Open Source Application for your web project.

Web Development these days costing too much but there are ways to reduce your cost in overall project if you do a research on quote that you receive from the developers and website development companies.

All you need to do is to read the complete documentation and search for each term in Google to find out why there is fee involved in each phase and is it worth to go ahead with the quote detailed information.

Well if you are asking for a small business website then your budget should be very low and it is always good to accomplish such task by your own. And if you have some major work in web development then you should have a better plan to save your money and get quality work done by the developers for your website.

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