Renault motors in India

Renault to launch cars in India

Renault is an internationally acclaimed car producing company and had launched their cars in India in 2005. Once the company had launched their cars they wanted to set a benchmark. They went into collaboration with Mahindra and built the Mahindra-Renault LOGAN. They tried to find their own feet in the markets of India and finally they are now intent on launching more cars in the Indian markets. In India maximum passenger cars today range between 2lakhs to 5lakhs and now Renault has come up with the idea of launching a car within a budget of RS 4lakh. By doing so they are more likely to get more customers from the middle class families. They have launched the SUV, a sedan and a hatchback. They have planned to launch a total of five new cars in India.

Expansion plans for Renault in India

Renault has planned to launch all five cars by the end of this year. Not only that they have a plan of opening about 100 outlets in India. They want to expand their business. They already have cars above the 4lakh mark but now they want to make cars below the 4lakh mark. Renault being an internationally known company it will not be a very difficult task for them. They will be looking forward to the sale of about 1lakh cars by the 2013-2014 business years. The company has declared their views of expansion in India. They want to get into the Indian markets. By launching a car in the 4lakh category it will make their work easier and also they can increase global sales.

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