Scar Removal using Fractional Lasers

Many people have scars that were caused by accidents, stretch marks, chicken pox or acne. Scars such as there were very tough to treat until recently. Large numbers of adults have scaring caused by acne they had when they were teenagers. There is now a method that successfully treats many forms of acne. This treatment has very little risk.

Fractional Lasers

This method of removing acne involves the use of fractional laser resurfacing. This is a technology that is new and produces results that are similar to ablative laser resurfacing and deep chemical peels. However, fractional lasers do not require a long recovery period or a great deal of discomfort.

When traditional resurfacing methods are used, the complete surface of the skin is treated. This provides a result that is permanent. The top layer of skin is removed. This skin loses its ability to protect and a visible wound is formed. This is not the case with fractional lasers. They only remove a “fraction” of your skin. This allows undamaged skin to be left around the area that has been treated. This acts as a barrier for fast healing.

How many treatments will I need?

There is not a set number of treatments. It will depend on your desired results and the power settings for the laser that is being used to treat you. While higher power lasers can provide more improvement during each treatment, they also cause more blistering, flaking and redness. The patient will need to weigh the positives and negatives of each type of laser. For many people, three treatments over four weeks is enough to successfully treat their scars.

Topical anaesthetic is applied 20 minutes before the procedure. This is supplemented by injections of anaesthetic during procedures in which higher power lasers are used or sensitive areas are treated.

What will happen during and after each treatment?

Each treatment takes roughly 30 minutes. The laser moves evenly over the area that is being treated. You may feel a sensation similar to sunburn after the anaesthetic wears off. This will only last for 30 minutes. Cold packs are used to keep the skin cool after treatment.

For one week after each treatment, your skin may become red and dried out. Each spot of skin where the laser was used will eventually slough off. You should do your best to avoid using any products that might irritate your skin during this time. The redness will fade after one week.

People occasionally have some swelling occur after a treatment. This generally lasts for several days. Blistering is also a possibility, but it is rare.

Fractional lasers provide outstanding results with minimal risk. Now there is finally a safe and effective way to eliminate those unsightly scars that have been bothering you for many years.

This post was prepared using ideas found in articles put out by the Cosmos Clinic. If you’d like to read about this clinic, you can find them on LinkedIn as well as Channel 7’s Today Tonight

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