Sell Your Old CDs to Pay Christmas Bills

No matter how careful you have been you probably have at least a few bills to pay after Christmas. As you well know it is important to clear those bills as soon as possible to avoid paying too much interest on them, but a lot of people struggle to do so. Luckily, there are several ways to raise extra money and pay off those bills quickly.

Sell Your Stuff

One of the easiest ways to make a little extra money and do so quickly is to sell what you own and do not use. There is always lots of demand for old DVDs, CD’s, games and things like CD players, games consoles and other gadgets. You can also sell clothes, sports gear and many other items.

The channels available for you to sell your stuff vary depending on where you live. If you live in the UK, you could go to a boot sale and sell your stuff this way. Whilst for Americans a garage sale is an option. However, not everyone has the time or inclination to sell their stuff this way.

A garage sale means inviting strangers to your home to route through your stuff. A boot sale usually means paying a pitch fee and for the petrol to take your stuff to the sale location.

Understandably, increasingly people are choosing to use the internet to sell their unwanted items.

Selling Items On-line

There are several ways to do this. The first way is to follow a traditional route and sell your stuff via classified sites like Craigslist. Many local newspapers also have classified sections, which they reproduce on their websites.

There are pros and cons to selling this way. Listing items is relatively quick and easy, but if you have lots of items to sell it can still take hours to list them all. Some classified sites are free; however, some charge you to list your item. These fees soon add up and if you do not sell many of your items, you can end up losing money not making it. This form of selling is OK for large items, but is normally not viable for smaller items.

Auction sites are another way to sell unwanted items online. However, they have their drawbacks too. It usually costs money to list items, so if they do not sell you can end up not doing anything. In addition, it takes time to list each item, and for the actual auction process to take place. Because you are dealing with private individuals, occasionally, you can have problems getting your money or proving that the items have been sent. Again, there is a risk of losing money rather than making it.


The musicMagpie Service

If you have CD’s, DVDs or old games to sell using the service provided by is a good option. Their service has been available to UK citizens for several years and works really well there. Recently they have also made their service available to US citizens.

How it Works

To use their service simply key the bar code number of each older DVD, CD or game you want to sell into their website, or scan each bar code using your webcam. A price for each item immediately appears on the screen. If you want to sell them, you simply confirm this and choose a free shipping method. The relevant shipping label is sent to you via email for you to print, or if you do not have a printer it is sent to you via the post. When you have the shipping label, all you have to do is to package up the items and send them. When the team at musicMagpie receive the items, they send you a cheque. There are no fees; no waiting for buyers and you can get the cash quickly.

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