April 20, 2014

Why Consider a Short-Term Car Insurance?

A new addition to the realm of car insurance has come as a boon to many car owners. Instead of staying limited by taking an expensive and long-term car insurance, it is now possible to take up a short-term and relatively inexpensive insurance on your vehicle. Let’s have a quick look on why someone would like to consider a short-term car insurance:

• Lending your car: You may worry that it may become a personal liability to lend your car to a friend or relative, as any mishaps that may occur would affect your insurance policy and the no-claim bonus attached to it. Now you have an easy solution to the problem and can just take a short-term policy for the required number of days in the name of the borrower.

• Borrowing or renting a car: You can take a policy in your name whenever you are borrowing or renting a car so that even if the rental company covers the vehicle you also have a personal policy attached to the same.

• New vehicle: You are eager to drive off your new vehicle from the dealer and the standard long-term insurance policy has got delayed a couple of days. Now you don’t have to bite your teeth and bear the wait, but instead can take a short-term policy to cover the gap and take your vehicle when you want to.

• Between policies: You have forgotten to renew your policy, or for some reason like a change of address or city, there is a delay in the long-term policy. You don’t need to leave your car in the garage, and can use a short-term policy in the time between long-term policies.

• Additional cover: If you want to take on some additional insurance cover while going on a long drive or on vacation, a short-term insurance policy may be the best option available. This also makes sense if you have a driver driving the vehicle in your place and you would like to have an additional cover in his name without affecting your long-term liability.

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• Weather conditions: If you are traveling to a place with weather conditions different from your home-town, then taking a short-term cover for just the additional requirement might make sense. This would be for example, if you are driving across country and expecting to reach snowy climate that leads to slips and slides not usually covered by your policy.

As you can see, there are many scenarios when a short-term car insurance makes a lot of sense, and the flexibility and affordability offered by this option is going to get taken up by more people all the time. You can take a policy for a minimum of 1 day too! You can also make use of a lot of different features such as temporary breakdown support, or comprehensive covers, depending on the country you are in, and the company that you choose for the policy. Do make note though, that you have to be 21 years or older to make use of this, as you may not find any companies offering policies to anyone younger.

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