Shudh Desi Romance Movie 2013 Review

Movie: Shudh Desi Romance

Cast: Sushant Singh Rajput

Parineeti Chopra

Vaani Kapoor

Rishi Kapoor

Writer: Jaideep Sahni

Director: Maneesh Sharma

Producer: Aditya Chopra

Music: Sachin-Jigar

Another simple, cute yet disappointing drama from the Yashraj banner is Shudh Desi Romance. Yes, the scorers of romantic hits in Bollywood, who seemingly always aim to try at different shades of romance on screen, have messed up the Shudh Desi version of it. While we expected something spicy, funny and sexy, what comes across is a monotonous, boring and predictable tale of confusion among local lovebirds in the smaller towns of India. The director still succeeds in portraying simplicity and emotions with minimum dialogues through which the movie touches you a little.

Story begins with Sushant tying knot in an arrange marriage to the newcomer Vaani Kapoor when he happens to meet Parineeti on the way to the wedding right in his baraat. He falls for her independent and cool nature head over heels; so much so that he runs away from the wedding. Now when they have an affair after a coincidental meeting on the streets and eventually decide to get married, it’s Parineeti this time that runs away from the wedding dreading deceit in love from the guy in future. Now post interval is the predictable re-entry of Vaani and both falling for each other and happily dating. But when all three come together through some coincidence, the question is whom will he choose, the one who left him or the one he left.

Even though Sushant and Parineeti perform well as actors, the characters are boring. The beautiful newcomer seems to be really obsessed with smiling and is seen monotonously doing so in every single emotion. The best treat to watch is Rishi Kapoor who is perfect with his comic timing and the little giggling that u will experience can be credited to him.

Bollywood seems to be very impressed with the idea of the bride or the groom running away from the main venue of the wedding. The good part of the movie is the closeness to realism where a girl can smoke, and people can have multiple affairs unlike the typical Hindi love stories. But the story as well as the music still fails to keep the audience glued to the screen. Even the much hyped desi romantic scenes and the 27 kisses have no special impact on the audience and are just the regular lip-lock sequences. But if you are still keen on a Aditya Chopra production romance, this one can be tried, it will surely brighten up your mood.

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