Six Simple Posing Tips To Appear Slimmer In Your Photographs

It’s not really a good idea to compare your snaps with the pictures of fashion models or showbiz celebrities, because the glowing skin, perfectly toned body, the glare in the eyes, and a heartening smile will make you feel a little deprived even if you are a reasonably good looking girl or guy. However, you will be amazed if you were aware of the abundant usage of Photoshop (or any other photo editing tool) and all sorts of trickeries employed by these models and photographers. Not to take anything away from the models or celebs, as most of them actually have spectacular figures and beauty, thanks to all those hours they spend in gym working with some of the best trainers and nutritionist, but even after all those expenditures, they need a lot of retouching and tricks to appear that good in the pictures, and one of these trickeries is striking the right pose.

It’s a fact that posing for the camera is an art that you can learn by practicing in front of your camera. Those celebs have grooming experts and photographers who will do the job for them, by guiding them on the posing, or taking pictures from a certain angle, but chances are that you can’t afford to have a professional photographer unless you are posing for your wedding pictures. Therefore, if you are overweight and you’d like to appear a tad slimmer and fit in your pictures that can paste on your social profile, you can follow these tips.

1.) To start with, when you are going to some event where you expect that you will be photographed, try to choose the apparel and colors which are known to make you look thinner, for example all shades of black (or dark colors in general) are usually a safe bit, similarly, you need to go for a dress which is not too tight or too loose.

2.) When possible, try to avoid the front on pose, looking at the camera while standing sideways, this simple change in pose will take off 5 – 10 pounds from the photograph

3.) You don’t need any photography expert to tell you that posture is important. When posing for pictures, don’t slouch, you need to be standing or sitting in an upright position with your chin up (to avoid double chin getting prominent), but equally important is the fact that you are not overdoing it, or it will show on your face.

4.) Hold your arms away from your body, but again you need to make this look natural, instead of just standing with your arms in the air, away from your body, you can simple make a triangle by placing your palm on your waste, and because you are standing a little side-on, you just need to do it with the arm facing the camera

5.) Be yourself and be poised, you will be amazed at how a confident look at camera lens can do wonders to your pictures. Practice these tips so they look natural, but don’t be self conscious.

6.) Simply go through some online tutorials on how to pose for photos, there are many detailed ones available. And some are written by veteran photographers, so you will find some really handy tips in those articles.

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