Software Development and Project Management with Thomas Shanahan

As the world gets more and more connected, businesses are starting to operate differently. There are more companies working internationally than ever before. Usually, this sort of work lends itself to more project-based opportunities. Thomas Shanahan of Oviedo, FL understands project management and software development and that helps him immensely in today’s business world.

As businesses start to structure their work in projects instead of long-term work of the same type, they have to be more versatile and organized to get their work done in the projects allotted time. Because these businesses start taking on a variety of different projects, they start to need specialists and consultants to come in and help them succeed with their work. A lot of times, they will need customized organization and software to help them control their funds and control how they implement aspects of the project. That’s where software development comes in handy and Thomas Shanahan knows how to get a company what they need to complete their projects in a timely fashion.

Thomas Shanahan took that knowledge and created his own company, ProjStream. ProjStream is based out of Orlando, Florida and specializes in giving companies and clients the project management skills that they need to be competitive and complete their projects as fast and as profitable as possible. They use a variety of top-notch industry standard programs and guidelines to implement important changes in the way projects are organized and operated. The company services commercial and military businesses, so they have to know what they are doing to serve clients of that caliber.

Thomas Shanahan’s ProjStream also specializes in gathering and analyzing data. They use this data to develop and improve solutions for their clients and customers in whatever it is they are working on. The company also has well-trained employees that are experts in monitoring project performance and can help keep clients knowing exactly what’s going on with their projects.

Thomas Shanahan has developed his knowledge of software development and project management over the years and turned it into a company, ProjStream. Now he works with some amazing people that share his skills. He hopes to continue using his knowledge to improve ProjStream and help any company they work with.

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