Some Distinctive Features of Work of a Project Manager in Agile

There exists quite widespread point of view nowadays that the role of project manager is unnecessary in Agile projects. Self-organizing teams, principles and practices that facilitate the way for a product and project management have removed the need for management. This seems original but it does not take place in reality. Companies will always have management structure in one form or another. An indisputable fact is that the role of a project manager in Agile projects differs from the role of project managers in traditional methodologies.

There are two types of manages in IT companies. Manager of the first type is called project manager (or just PM) and he is responsible for the general success of a project. His scope of work is constant control over the status of working activities, monitoring of progress and, of course, schedule. It is much easier to perform such important functions with the help of Comindware Tracker, the special software for issue tracking within a project. In Agile project the role of project manager changes. The role of the Product owner in Agile project corresponds to the role of a project manager in traditional methodologies. A product owner knows potential users of the software, knows their priorities and also knows experts in the subject area. The main difference between a typical project manager and a product owner is in the fact that a product owner is a member of a project team, he does not dominate over other specialists from the project team.

Another type of manager is represented by a functional manager. Usually functional managers are really responsible for many administrative issues relating to staff such as hiring / firing, budget, technology and procurement issues. Such kinds of activity can also be simplified by assigning of some routine activities to the special software. Here it is possible to read more about such software. Functional manager is likewise responsible for dynamic development of his department, especially in the period of adaptation to new Agile methodology.

There can hardly be a manager who will avoid changes in his role while initial transition to Agile. The position of managers is not steady during such important period, but after some time their work will change beyond recognition, and success will not keep itself waiting. The main task of a perfect manager as well as the key target of a good administrator is to organize the working process in this way that he will not be required in daily tasks and will have enough time to deal with higher-level tasks. For instance, in outsourcing such tasks can be connected with attraction of new clients for a company.

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