Step By Step Guide for Starting a web hosting Business in India

World Wide Web is getting bigger and better with passing day. Every day we see hundreds and thousands of new websites getting launched, and looking at the potential, we can safely assume that there’s nothing stopping this kind of growth for years to come. As more and more online and offline businesses turn towards the Internet, it will result in a constant demand for hosting space. Just like a business need a plot or commercial building to have a presence in the market, similarly an online business needs a cyber space to have a presence in the cyber world, and that space is provided by the hosting companies.

If you are looking to cash in on the demand and start your own hosting business in India, following is a simple yet practical guide for doing so.


Plan for your hosting business will include everything from your short term and long term objectives to your target market. The business plan should be fairly simple if you are looking to operate merely as a reseller, however, if you have the technical knowhow, and the kind of investment you will need, you can go for your own hosting business. Doesn’t matter how small or large is the startup; you have got to put everything into writing or a spreadsheet for the sake of streamlining the process.

Choose your Reseller Hosting Provider:

Big majorities of hosting companies out there are actually working merely as resellers and if you can brand yourself and do the marketing, you can grow pretty big. Of course, you wouldn’t be having the kind of control that an independent hosting provider enjoys, but reseller hosting has its advantages as well. To start with, you don’t need a lot of technical knowledge, since your reseller hosting provider will take care of the technicalities, second you don’t need to make huge investment in the start. Always choose a reliable and reputable hosting provider, and don’t look out for the cheapest option to maximize your profits.

Come up with the Prices and Packages:

Once you have chosen the hosting provider, and you know their prices, you need to devise your own hosting plans and prices. In the first year or so, you will have to start from low prices and low profit margins to attract your first few customers, once you have got some happy customers (and their testimonials), you can increase your prices. Another option is to offer some hefty discounts like midphase or anhosting coupon codes, and promote via forums and blogs dealing with hosting reviews.

Create a Website:

Doesn’t matter if you are operating as a reseller hosting business, or a complete hosting provider, you will have to create a full fledge website with shopping cart and payment processors. The website needs to have your pricing plans along with the features, a shopping cart, payment processor, and ideally a blog where you will be posting good, relevant content on regular basis.

Get Down to Marketing:

Alright, the aforementioned steps are preliminary, but marketing is what will actually decide the fate of your business. Marketing can make or break a business, and you need to be darn good at Internet marketing if you are looking to succeed as a reseller host. If you have got the money to invest, you can start from PPC campaign, otherwise you should get down optimizing your website for the search engines, social media is another platform that can work wonders, or you can simply get in touch with local businesses in India looking to launch a website and offer your hosting services.

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