19th March 2011 – Effects of Extreme Super Moon on Earth


Extreme Super Moon Event

Extreme Super Moon will be happening 19th of March 2011 and we would get more light of Moon this day. Is it beautiful or destructive? As we all know that Moon effects tides and waves, so do we still need to know any more about Moon and it’s effect on Earth. Well, our Scientists are not taking it as destructive as its’ not the first time Moon is coming closure to Earth.

But this this time Moon is gonna be very near to earth so is it costing effect to our earth as we have already seen what has happened Japan on 12th of March 2011. So be the first to watch Extreme Moon this time who knows what can happen this time.

So don’t listen to any jokes or don’t make it a serious issue, Extreme Super Moon is not gonna effect you it happens every year and be positive.