Stunning Tradeshow Concepts

An event can say everything about your company or product.  Not having an adequate representation when you have hundreds to thousands of prospective buyers can be a real bummer.  And even though thousands of people will be present, they will be busy.  You need an eye-catching display with memorable pieces in it to draw consumers into your product and your product alone.

Do you just happen to be on a budget this year?  No worries, who isn’t?  But it does bring stress into the situation.  Because you know the “big guys” will be there who have zero money issues and will outdo you just like last year right?  No, not necessarily.  This is why companies exist that gives you the opportunity to rent furniture for events and look superior for the day.


Whether you are putting together your tradeshow display, organizing a fundraiser or hosting an annual employee event you never actually want to appear as though you are working on a financial plan.  And who has to know?  The worst mistake you could make is letting a third party consumer see the fact that you are struggling since this will surely make them question you legitimacy.  And you do not want your employees to worry about their job security due to an event that is not up to par or way less extravagant than last year’s occurrence.

Choose to work with a company who has been in the event industry for an excess of 25 years.  They know how to make your event look great for a reasonable cost point.  24 Seven Productions has worked with large clients such as the MGM and Palms casinos, Target, Yahoo, Budweiser, the NHL, Microsoft, Intel and more!  This company does not play around and knows how to truly represent a brand whether it is big or small.

So surprise your competition this year when you show up more prepared than they have ever been.  Let 24 Seven Productions handle your tradeshow furniture rentals Las Vegas so you can look professional with little to no effort.  You will feel confident that consumers trust you, plus your competition will be sweating just thinking of a new strategy.