Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Android Mobile Safe

Mobile Safety_TechmazaHow to keep your Android Mobile Safe and Secure?

Your Mobile phone is your best friend. No Matter what the price is, you would never want to lose your mobile phone. And when talking about Android Phones, it becomes much more important to keep your device away from muggers. Android Phones stores important data such as passwords. Mostly all people use social networks, mails and some even their internet banking passwords. And some applications are never meant to be closed and muggers can harm in many ways if they have access to your phone. Here we will share top five ways to keep your android phone safe and secure.

IMEI Number: IMEI number is the heart of your mobile phone. Whatever you do in phone, is done through IMEI Number. No-One can find your phone if you don’t have IMEI number of your phone. First step in keeping your mobile phone is to note down IMEI number at a safe palace. Generally it is written on Bill-Copy of your phone, but better to play safe. You can find IMEI number on the body of your mobile-generally behind batter bar.

Avast Mobile Security: Avast Mobile Security is rated as the best application to help in keeping your mobile safe and help discover it in case of any miss happening.  You can keep track of your mobile location with this application, and can also lock your device remotely-which will open only when you will enter your desired password. The best thing is that this amazing application is free.

Mobile Chase Location Tracker: Mobile Chase Location tracker is also an application which can help you to find and chase your lost mobile phone. It will give you all the locations of your device so that you can find it easily. It will notify the owner for any SIM changes in the device and will send location eye as well.

Thief Tracker: Thief tracker is another will useful application to keep your mobile safe. It will lock the screen remotely so that mugger cannot use your phone. Also it will take pictures from device camera and will send you to identify as the thief.

Use Mobile Insurance: We can list hundreds of applications that can help you discover you mobile phone. But what if the mugger never switches the mobile phone ON or he decides to break it? Than most likely you are going to lose you data as well as money. In such cases buy Mobile insurance for your mobile phone. Insurance will cover you in case of physical damage and lose or theft.