Do Not Use Auto Submission Software’s After Panda Update

Say Good Bye to Auto Submission Software

Google keeps on changing their search algorithm and these days the God on Earth so called Google knows everything that you do to get traffic. As per new Panda Update I would like to tell my SEO friends that please stop using those auto bots and auto submission software’s because Google now has become more specific in terms of Search Engine Ranking.

Why Not to Use Auto Submission Software’s?

Auto Submission Software’s come for different type of submissions like Article Submission, Classified Submission, Social Bookmarking Submission, Directory Submission and other link submissions. When you real all these about Auto Submission it will tempt your eyes and you will definitely try these software’s for your website off page strategies because these submission software can produce you good back links but these backlinks will be eaten up by Google Panda due as these submissions are done in a bulk mode to get ranking in short period of time and Google does not consider these updates because of the Panda Updates.

What are Google Panda Updates and Why it is Not Good for Auto Submissions?

As per Google Panda Updates your Search Engine Optimization need to be carried in following ways:

  • You need to have Unique and Fresh Content
  • Link Building should have niche specific submissions for example if you have a website or a blog relates to Travel category then you will have to focus on link submission based on travel categories not in some other categories
  • Link Submission shall be done naturally when I say this it means you need to have both Low PR to High PR links inbound and outbound links to your website
  • Links submitted to only high page rank will be considered as gaining short time ranking in Google and it may result in BAN or loosing existing opportunities in gaining good page rank.
  • On Page submissions are still getting considered but you need to take care about your keyword research and analysis with keyword specific strategies
  • Remember and make a note that any thing beyond expectations and beyond limit of submissions may result in Spam or lowing the Page Rank in Search Engine.
  • It’s better to go slow and do quality work and not Quantity, so forget about auto submissions and do not pay for any auto submission software’s as Google strictly ban’s Black Hat SEO.
  • These were my opinion about Auto Submission software’s to make you aware of facts that is getting evolved these days due to frequent updates from Google Panda.