Uses & Benefits of Coconut Oil

There are lot of uses & benefits of Coconut Oil and it is easily available everywhere in India.

It is widely used for many purpose, people from south also use it as cooking oil. Some parts of India, especially coastal areas call the Coconut tree as Kalpavriksha or kalpataru because of its ability to amply provide for human needs.

People also use it to get a glowing and and healthy look. Recently, I read that people who uses coconut oil are less prone to common health problem like cholesterol reduction, insulin stabilization. These qualities of coconut oil are instantly getting known to people. It also works as a natural antibiotic. Even I use coconut oil during winter when my skin is extremely dry, and when my mother gets a tummy ache she asks me to do massage with coconut oil and she feels much better after a small massage. Lots of uses and benefits, and that too at affordable price and it is easily and widely available. So, lets know how coconut oil is a boon in day-to-day life.

Uses & Benefits of Coconut Oil

  • Skin Care: Use of coconut oil is recommended if you face extremely dry skin, it works wonder as a moisturiser especially for dry skin type people. Can be used to heal acne problem which leave your face silently without leaving a spot on your face. Coconut oil can be used as a makeup remover as well, as it will remove all the makeup traces without being harsh on your skin and leave skin moisturised and clean.
  • Healing: As I told you earlier, Coconut heals minor cuts and wounds. Itching caused by insect bite or some other reason can be healed by coconut oil. Talking about me I had this problem few months back, my feet used to be very dry and itchie and I was very much tensed about this problem and one of my friend suggested me to apply coconut oil daily at night time & Voila! my so so big problem got solved. I was so happy that a small tip healed this problem.
  • Hair Care: As we know Coconut Oil is widely used for hair purpose in India, mostly In south India. It smoothens and gives strength to hair. It can also be a boon to dry & damaged hair and people who are facing dandruff problems.
  • Stress Relief: A small massage of coconut oil can do a treak to your tummy ache. By applying coconut oil in a circular massaging motion can relieve tiredness. Its natural aroma gives a soothing effect to body.
  • Beauty Mask: Add coconut oil and a bit of honey and apply to your face for 10 minutes, then wash it off and get a clear and soft glowing skin.
  • Chapped Lips: While brushing your teeth in the morning rub your lips with the brush as it will remove the dead skin on your lips then, apply coconut oil on your lips. Follow the same procedure while going to bed. It would be much more effective in getting rid of chapped lips.
  • Health Care: Strenghtens immune system, helps in weight loss. Stimulates metabolism.

From skin care to health care coconut oil is a boon. So, this time don’t miss on it, as you can get tremendous benefits and uses from coconut oil, but be careful while choosing your coconut oil.