Social Media and Communication in Business

Businessmen usually aim to increase sales to increase profit and development. A good way to do this is to improve social communication because advertising is mainly about communicating to other people what your products and services are. A new way to improve social communication is the use of social media sites.

Social media has become a great tool for advertisement and marketing. However, its use in business is still limited to being a pure communication tool.

People use social media to connect with friends, family, events, and even business. Advertisers have started to use social media sites to introduce their products and services to people for marketing purposes. Sometimes, you may even be bothered with the vast advertisements in social media sites and some of these just pop out of your window and disrupt you in your online activities. This makes the use of social media sites in business in a wrong way.

People want social communication in discovering more information about a certain product or service.  In this way, they are fully informed about a certain product or service rather than viewing a limited advertisement regarding the services.

Businessmen should start to maximize the use of social media in their business and one of the ways that they can employ is to improve social communication using these sites. Besides, marketing is just secondary to communication when it comes to attracting consumers.

The benefits of social media when it comes to business include:

  • Provides immediate interaction and feedback mechanism

When consumers want to know something about a product, they may use social media sites to post questions and they can also use social media sites to provide their feedbacks regarding a certain product. This attracts more consumers when they see more testimonials regarding the benefits of the products or services.

  • It’s free

Most social media sites are free to use so you save money on your advertisement. This is true when you post your ads in your own site. If you want other sites to feature your product (especially those sites with a great deal of traffic), you have to pay certain fees, which also makes other’s sites work and earn profit.

  • More reviewers

People spend up to 22% of their online visits in social media sites so this gives you more reviewers and reputations for your products. Managing reputation is a measure as well as a potential driver of business performance. Read more at here –

  • Easy to Use

Social media sites are also easy to use. You can actually set-up your own site in no time and begin earning the profits you always wanted.

The most commonly used social media for advertisements include blogging, podcasting, social networking, social videos and Twitter.  Among these, podcasting and blogging has provided more success in businesses with increasing success from the year 2007 and up to the present. In fact, over 50% of businessmen said that social media has been very important in their craft because of the various benefits it provides. Even large companies who need lesser marketing use social media to increase their sales such as companies in food and beverages, travel, electronics, health and others.

To make you start of your new business online, here are some of the ways that you can do to use social media sites in your business:

1. Use blogging to inform people

Most products use blogging as their means of providing information to the public regarding their product. This is considered a responsible advertisement because you provide your probable consumers all information that they need to buy your product or service. Blogging has been the top social media that you can employ and there are various blog sites that you can use to start your own money-making blog. Among the sites, WordPress has been the most popular one having more than 49 million blogs sites and up to 289 million people who visit pages every month.

2. Advertise in social networking sites

Social networking sites such as Facebook is also a good place to have your advertisement. With over 600 million users worldwide, you reach more people and probable clients.

3. Tweet

You can also use Twitter in your business. Tweeting is a good way to attract people by using essential hashtags about your product.

Aside from these, there are more ways that you can use social media in your business. You just need to get out of the shell of contemporary ads and start to use online tools to make your business successful.