How to Use Facebook likes to enhance your business

In the current market of cutthroat competition, businesses are always looking for newer and better ways to outperform their competitors. With the advent of social media, big businesses were quick to participate in popular social networking sites to reach out to an even broader and diverse customer base. With time however, social media has turned into a proverbial juggernaut and opportunity to capitalize on the social networks has presented itself to the small companies, brands and local businesses as well.


Facebook is without doubt the most popular social networking site at the moment. A dedicated business page at Facebook can definitely help you to enhance your business, if some easy techniques are followed.



Frequent updates is the Key

Nobody likes stagnation. Many businesses make the mistake of building an attractive Facebook page and generating a good number of likes only to leave it unchanged for a long period of time. New fresh content on the page, be it about brands, products or latest events in the market compels interested users to check the page often. This in turn increases the likelihoods of generating potential leads.


Promotions, Contests and Discounts

Big businesses offer numerous promotions and arrange a variety of contests throughout the year for one sole reason. People love free and cheap stuff. Facebook business pages can be a very effective way to promote attractive discounts and freebies to a large number of people at no cost at all. For local businesses using Facebook, it has been proven that such Facebook activities generate increased visitors. This strategy also helps in garnering higher visibility and a larger fan base.


Pay a Little, Gain A Lot

Facebook creates custom advertisements for interested business owners at very affordable rates. Such ads are useful in notifying users about the existence of the page and bring them over to like it. Facebook also provides various tools to monitor the effectiveness of placed ads. If an ad is not doing great, you can always tweak it to make it more attractive to the user. A portrait and wedding photographer from Minneapolis generated almost 40000$ in revenue from a just 600$ Facebook ad. It sounds enticing isn’t it?


Some Added Incentives Can Go a Long Way

It can be a great idea to provide people with some incentives once they like your page. You can keep special coupon codes and discount codes available on your page that can only be unlocked after clicking the like button. Keep changing the offers every week or every few days to keep the attention and interest building. Facebook offers some great tools like Facebook Insights to monitor user activity inside your page. Reward the most active users by providing added discounts or other perks. If properly implemented, this technique can build your page’s fan base faster than you ever thought possible.


Buy Likes To Soar High

The last trick is to buy Facebook likes for your business page. Paying some money to get people like your page at Facebook is a fast and easy way to increase visibility of the page. Also choosing people belonging to the same age range as your target customers can result in free promotion to perfect potential customers in their network.


Always remember that each person liking and visiting your page is a potential customer and to turn him into a buyer, you have to put in the effort. Update regularly, create promotions, give them a reason to come back to your page and soon you will unleash the power of business via Facebook.


Jolie fulton is a technician and loves to share his knowledge with people through his blogs and articles. He has recently worked on it support cheshire and gained immense popularity on the internet