Hindi Film Industry to go on strike

Hindi film industry becomes static

The Hindi film industry in India popularized by the name of Bollywood provides for one of the top most grossing counters in the Indian economy. It has vast branches and widespread influence in the form of millions of viewers and consumers that are mesmerized by the works and glamour of the industry and also the lives and professional spheres of a horst of people revolve around the film industry. The film industry has carved a halo of stardom around itself. According to an English proverb “Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown”. With great influence and finance come great responsibility and the ability to withstand the scrutiny of the curious and contemptuous.

Voice of the Indian film industry

Bollywood has proved to be a prime target to fill up the vacancy of the income tax sacks time and again. Yet another instance came up when the government announced a rate of 10.3% tax to be charged on the film fraternity. This was disrespectful and unjust to some of the members of the industry and they decided to put up a protest and what better way than to put up a show of strike keeping in tandem with the modern lingo of fasting and holding strikes. Eminent personalities have voiced their opinions against the matter. Among them are the likes of producer Mukesh Bhatt. The strike is being called by the FFI (Film Federation of India) and will see a nationwide shutdown of the Indian Hindi Cinema. It will be manifested as a one day strike and normal functioning will resume thereafter.